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Vienna confirms the ticket for the playoffs, Olomoucko hopes still alive

BK REDSTONE Olomoucko – BC GGMT Vienna 81:90 (22:23, 27:18, 23:23, 9:26) Referees: Fuska, Bartoš, Uhrin (Slovakia) Attendance: 500 Venue: Cajkarena, Olomouc Scorers – Olomoucko:…

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Kolín advances to the quarter-finals after drama with Škrljevo

BC GEOSAN Kolín – KK DepoLink Škrljevo 66:65 (19:20, 17:18, 13:9, 17:18) Referees: Mordai, Kuzia, Podkowinska Attendance: 604 Venue: GEOSAN arena Scorers –Kolín: Šiška and Jelínek each 16, Lošonský…

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Who will punch the ticket in to play-offs in Week 5?

The AAC regular season is heading into its crucial season. In each group, it is gradually becoming clear who will be part of the playoffs…

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