Dinamo ended their AAC campaign with a win

Dinamo ended their AAC campaign with a win

Spišskí Rytieri – KK Dinamo Zagreb 77:79 (16:21, 26:12, 18:22, 17:24)

Referees: Faur, Stretea, Drago

Attendance: 480

Scorers – Rytieri: Pipkins 17, Antoni 15, Reeves 13, Johnson, Juríček and Fusek each 8, Harris 6, Hlivák 2, Mrviš 0

Scorers – Dinamo: Nakić-Vojnović 30, Pavlić 19, Dagandžić 13, M. Mrduljas and Rukavina each 6, Bagarić 3, V. Mrduljas 2, Martić and Pehar 0

Post-game quotes: 

Teo Hojč, coach of Rytieri: “I hope I’m not the only one who is ashamed in this gym. We had planned to play a good game, to distribute the minutes among all the players and to give the opportunity to the youngsters, because the guests came with an obviously shortened line-up. Our game was completely lacking energy, I have no idea why that was. I’ll take the loss on myself, but I hope the players will take an honest look at this game and draw the consequences within themselves. Since I came to Spišská Nová Ves I want to win with this team, but the players have to want it too, I can’t play basketball for them.”

Tomáš Mrviš, player of Rytieri: “These are very treacherous games. We knew that the guests would come with more juniors, but we can’t let what happened. We absolutely had heavy legs, the guests played ferociously and the young Croatians showed what we lacked – heart. We are sorry for our fans, we have to break it down and play completely differently against Levice.”

Stipe Čubrić, coach of Dinamo: “I would like to congratulate my team. Today we came with a completely new line-up as usual. We didn’t have enough time to prepare. We decided to play hard and with energy. I think we did that, especially in the second half. It’s still a tough game if you’re losing at halftime, especially against a quality team. We were able to turn it around today because the guys deserved it.”