Levice opens door to semifinal

KK ŠENČUR GGD – LEVICE PATRIOTI 63:77 (11:14, 26:34, 11:20, 15:11)

Referees: Igor Poljanšek, Goran Grbič, Milanko Milanovič
Audience: 150
Venue: Sports hall Šenčur

Sencur: Pavković 11, Rizvić and Martinčič 10, Gorjanc 7, Rebec 5, Sajevic, Rizvic, Blair, Varagic, Koljevic all 4.
Levice: Ziak 21, Bojanovsky, Vašl both 13, Kurbas 12, Mijovic 6, Sims, Djuric both 5, Bachan 2.

FIBA Statistics

Šenčur made an historic results after the team closed the slovenian cup as runner up and finish first phase of the national league as number 4. Obviously excelent season so far left some lackness of energy. At quarter finals of Helios Alpe Adria Cup in match no.1 Levice from Slovakia was on the road simply better.

After the first quarter seems to be an equal match. Levice had three points lead but no one can affort bigger gap. (11:14). Even start of the second quarter with big three point shoot of Martinčič expend wishes of home crowd who delightfull follow matches of home team. In the middle of the quarter Bachan of Levicki made a two free throws and guests make the lead for 12 points. Reason to believe that Slovakian team were simply more focused and had more wishes to get first quarterfinals victory. And everything was true. At the start of the third period of the game points of Mijović, Vašl and specialy Ziak’s three point shoot made an unofficial winner of the game. The biggest lead at that time was 20 point at the end of quarter, when Ziak scored for 46:66. Milan Ziak was the best player on the game. He didn’t miss not even one shoot including four attempts for three point. At home team all missed one of the best player in SLovenian league Dino Murić, but some other players (Gorjanc, Varagič) got many more minutes and home basketball funs saw first ten minutes on the court of new player Ivan Koljević who will help Šenčur at second phase of Slovenian championship. Over all, Levice showed more and deserved to win.

The rematch wil be in Levice, 5th of March.

Rade Mijanović, coach of Šenčur GGD: »Without our best centers we had so many problems defending them, especially under the basket. Congrats to our opponent for victory.

Miljan Pavković, player of Šenčur GGD: »We didn’t show energy as we have showed in many previous games. We expect better level of our game in Saturday when Slovenian league for Champions starts.«

Teo Hojč, coach of Levice: » I’m satisfied. Our defense was good, except at the end of the game. I have so much respect to the team of Šenčur and their coach. We have one more game and I expect positive attitude«

Miha Vašl, player of Levice: »We came a long way to Šenčur. We were positive in first half and very focused in second. We raise our defense and we deserved to win.«