Presenting the Final Four participants, Kapfenberg wants to continue to grow

Presenting the Final Four participants, Kapfenberg wants to continue to grow

For the conclusion of the introduction of the participants of the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup, we had the organizer from Kapfenberg. In the most evenly matched Group A, the Austrian team worked its way to the much desired place among the top 4 teams of the competition and coach Antonio Herrera’s squad would not want to be satisfied with just reaching that mark.

– You are part of the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup. How do you feel about the fact that you managed to get through the group stage?

„This journey to the Final Four wasn’t easy for us. We struggled with injuries, but fortunately, our players and our club worked with the right mentality, representing a championship organization. We have worked very hard to deserve this Final Four.“

– How do you evaluate your performance in the Alpe Adria Cup so far?

„Reaching the Final Four remains a prominent accomplishment in a season as difficult as this one, with many injuries and a very young roster.“

– In what way and how does this international confrontation help you, for example, towards domestic competitions?

„This competition helps us to have an extremely high level of demand, learning to compete twice a week with high-level opponents. It is a competition that helps us in an extraordinary way to improve as a team and as a club.“

– With what ambitions and goals are you going to the Final Four?

„First of all, I’d say it is a great pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction to be. Our goal is to continue to grow as a team.“

– What can you already say about your semi-final opponent?

„Timisoara is a great team, the favorite, without a doubt, to be champions. They have dominated the regular season with great ease, and they have two players per position of great level. Their offensive talent is impressive. We would like to be able to compete with concentration, effort, and attention to small details.“

– From your point of view, what determines success at such events?

„The organization, the media, the fans… Our club is going to demonstrate a top level in terms of organizing a big event like this, this is the key to determining success at such an event.“