Komarno beats Lasko in first semifinal


Referees: Brziak, Pipiska, Sirocky (all SVK).
Venue: Sports hall Tri lilije (SLO).
Audience: 500.

MBK Komarno: Cobb 19, Bilic 14, Tomic 13, Langston 11, Halada 9, Kuffa 8, Bojanovsky 6.
Zlatorog Lasko: Krusic 22, Tratnik 16, Baric 1 2, Rizvic 10, Miljikovic 6, Span 2.

FIBA Statistics

After the very equal beginning of the game Komarno was the first team to catch the lead, when after a few successful 3pointers they created a lead by 10points in the first quarter (23:15). The whole first half of the game was represented in the strength of the home team, which preceded their opponent especially in offense, therefore the 50 points after the first two quarters marked the following outcome of the game (50:35).

The opponent team increased their defence in the second half, they didn’t allow the home team to score so many points from both long and short distances, and moreover they succeeded in rebounds (66:51). The trial was gradually decreased, but Lasko was not able to get under 10 points. Komarno, therefore, created a very good position for the upcoming game, where they may build on the great defence, as they kept their opponent team under 70 points (80:68).

Boris Bojanovsky, player Komarno: “Zlatorog Lasko is a great team and a quality opponent; they are one of the top teams of the Slovenian basketball. It was a great game, with a good result. We might regret that we didn’t win by a bigger score for the riposte, but if we play well on the next game, I think that we do have a chance to succeed.”

Richard Duris, coach Komarno: “We are very happy that we managed to defeat such a strong and quality opponent as Lasko. In the first 2 quarters of the game we were struggling with defensive rebounds of our opponent, where they had 11; but this number only depicts the real quality of their team. We are sorry that we didn’t have more audience, as this was a very attractive game. There are some challenging games and weeks waiting for us and I believe that every single win pushes us forward and gives us strength and psychical power to move on.”

Ales Pipan, coach Lasko: “Congratulations to the home team, they played well and they deserve the win. We didn’t play well, especially in the first half, we allowed them do whatever they want, the second half was better. We will see, it is only the first half of our games, we will try to do our best to win at home.”

Jan Span, player Lasko: “It was a very tough match, Komarno is a very good offensive team, they play very well and the crowd is good. This was a normal performance for them, especially in the first half; they scored everything – 3 pointers 7 of 9, that says everything. In the second half we did a better job in stopping their shots, and we also got the second half, but it wasn’t enough, because the first half was pretty bad. But we have one more game and 12 points is something we can catch up at home, so we will see.”