SLUNETA Usti nad Labem

Offical name: SLUNETA Ústí nad Labem
Established: 1946
Adress of home venue: Jateční 1026/18, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Home venue: Sportcentrum Sluneta

Basketball in Ústí has ​​a long tradition, already in the first half of 1946 Květoslav Soukup founded the first basketball club in Ústí. Over the next few years, the club has stabilized and changed the name several times. Even with financial difficulties, the club has a stable place in the league. After the lost of the main sponsor in 2007, falls our club into the 2nd league, but in the same year a new partner – Solarwatt company SLUNETA – comes up with great plans. First, SLUNETA succeeded in buying the gym from the city and then financially stabilizing it, and thanks to long and precise work with the partners our club also managed to return to the national basketball league (NBL), currently Kooperativa NBL.

Since the season 2011/12, our club is once again a permanent participant of the Kooperativa NBL. Since this season the results are always better and better. As a newcomer in the highest league, it was the 11th place, but the best years of basketball experience in Ústí in the last 3 seasons, where we have always achieved a historic milestone, For example, we beat our rivals from the neighboring city Decin after 11 years, or first win in at least one game in the play-offs.

Our goal is always to create a good mix of good young players and the more experienced players from the USA so we can offer attractive basketball to our fans. An important role in this is also the work with the young up-and-coming players.

Head Coach: Antonin Pistecky
Assistant Coach: Stanislav Votroubek
Masseur: Jan Lacina

General Manager: Tomás Hrubý
Marketing Manager: Vladimír Hejl