MBK Rieker COM-therm Komárno

Official name: MBK Rieker COM-therm Komárno
Established: 1939
Address: Športová 1, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia
Home Venue: Mestska Sportova Hala


Basketball in Komárno has its origins in 1939 when Mr. Andor Csukás, a grammar school proffessor, collected the first players to form a team. In the following years the newly formed phenomenon of the town started a tradition under the leadership of Mr. Eduard Šebo, followed by Mr. Jozef Paulik, who not only coached, but also lead his teams trough loads of great success for almost 40 years.

The club has adapted many names throughout its history, the name MBK RIEKER KOMARNO, however, has been official since the year of 2000, when the club advanced to Slovakias top division. The biggest success was winning the Championship of Slovakia for the first time in 2014/2015.


Current list of Players:

Wahne Langston 201cm C
Matúš Jurčina 182cm PG
Matej Marchyn 193cm SF
Patrik Petrovský 195cm SF
Filip Halada 192cm SG/SF
Siniša Bilič 200cm SF/PF
Andrej Kuffa 204cm PF
 Roman Vido 204cm PF/C
Boban Tomič  190cm  PG/SG
Michal Maslík  210cm  C
Robert Bolyo 195cm SF/PF
Igor Kürthy 180cm PG
Kori Babineaux 192cm PG/SG

Head Coach: Richard Ďuriš
Assistant Coach: Jozef Paulik

President: Lajos Csonka
Team Doctor:
Attila Horváth

List of trophies:
Slovakian Champion: 2015
Slovakian Cup: 2013