Vienna in better position before game 2 of quarterfinals

Vienna in better position before game 2 of quarterfinals

BC GGMT Vienna – MKS Dabrowa Górnicza 83:76 (17:19, 23:16, 25:19, 18:22)

Referees: Roglic, Hordoc, Mjeda (all Poland)

Attendance: 120

Venue: Hallmann Dome

Scorers – Vienna: Vujošević 18, Jones 16, Vrabac 14, Jogela 13, Hughes 11, Rados 6, Sirišević 5

Scorers – Dabrowa Górnicza: Lewis 21, Fenner Jr. 15, Brenk 13, Piechowicz and Sobin each 8, Malgorzaciak 5, Pacheco 4, Motylewski 2,  Czujkowski 0

Both teams had a difficult start into this game with lots of missed shots and failed passes. None of the typical high scorers seemed to have a good day. However, Górnicza was able to win the first quarter with 17:19. Vienna started way better in this second quarter, played more focused, and worked hard on the defensive rebounds. In minute two, for the first time, the home team took over the lead. After five minutes, it still didn’t look like this game was going to become a high score game since both teams continued having lots of turnovers and missed shots. In the last two minutes before the halftime break, both teams started to score regularly and the first half ended 40:35 in favor of the home team.

Bogi Vujošević opened the second half with a three-point shot followed by the answer by Fenner – also a three-point shot. The following minutes looked like a ping-pong game where both teams scored and fouled very equally. Górnicza rotated their players very often now and had a surprisingly quick 10:0 run within 2 minutes and came very close – thanks to power point guard Bogi Vujošević, Vienna was still holding and extending the lead until the end of the third quarter (65:54). These last 10 minutes started very intense – Vienna with team fouls after 2 minutes and Górnicza’s two big men with 4 fouls on the bench very early in this quarter. On the other side also Rados and Hughes with 4 fouls outside and waiting to come back in. Once more, Vienna showed their aggressiveness and fought very hard for every ball. In the end, Vienna won the game with 83:76.

Post-game quotes:

Aramis Naglić, coach of Vienna: “This team is of course playing at a higher level than we are playing in the Austrian league. They are punishing every mistake and weak situation. We have a pretty good result and this is just the first half and in two days we’ll try again.”

Andre Jones, player of Vienna: “This was only the first half, we got one more game to go. We are still trying to get back our rhythm – we just got back from the national team break. We are excited for the game on Wednesday and we try to win this too and get to the final four. I hope we’re going to win.”

Jacek Winnicki, coach of Dabrowa Górnicza: “That was a tough first game, we had troubles – Vienna had the lead of over 10 points. We will try again on Wednesday and will see – it’s still all open.”

Josip Sobin, player of Dabrowa Górnicza: “It was an interesting game and Vienna did win, but we will see on Wednesday.”