Timisoara dominates Group B

Timisoara dominates Group B

SCM winsed.swiss Mozzart Bet Timisoara – BC Vienna 106:90 (22:27, 30:26, 28:21, 26:16)

Referees: Zubák, Karnay, Životský (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 500

Scorers – Timisoara: Gajić and Kesar each 20, Dimitrijević 17, Scott-Grayson and Mirković each 11, Lazar and Schipor each 6, Horga 5, Nasturescu and Mitrović each 3, Petrescu and Stanciu eas 2

Scorers – Vienna: Vujosevic 28, Konjević 23, Stažić 11, Bajo 10, Širisčević and Rados each 9

Already qualified for the Final Four tournament, Timisoara achieved a new win in Group B, the eighth of nine games played, and consolidated its first place. Despite a short rotation, Vienna gave a solid response to the leader of group B. They won the first quarter and lost the second, but at halftime, they were in the lead: 53:52.

However, in the last two periods of the game, the hosts increased the intensity and slowly but surely distanced themselves on the scoreboard. Towards the end of the game, Timisoara used more and more of the youngest players in the squad, and they rose to the level desired by the coaches.

Post-game quotes: 

Dragan Petričević, coach of Timisoara: “Today we won two points. Based on the individual value of the players and their knowledge, Vienna is the most valuable team among our opponents. Players like Širisčević and Konjević have even performed in the ABA League, and Vujosevic and Rados are on the Austrian national team. They all know very well how to play the game. This was seen in the first two quarters. In the 3rd and 4th quarters, we increased the intensity and tempo of the game, which did not suit the opposing team.”

Nikola Gajić, player of Timisoara: “It’s a good win for us. Big respect for the team from Vienna, which traveled to Timisoara with a short roster. It was difficult for them with only seven players, I don’t know what caused that, but big respect for them! We thank our fans for the support, and I hope they will come in a larger number for Saturday’s game. It’s the third win in a row, and I hope we can keep it that way. We want to improve our game and win on Saturday as well.”

Hrvoje Radanović, coach of Vienna: “I congratulate the team from Timisoara and the public here, it was a very nice atmosphere in the gym. It was a very attractive game with many points, I think both teams made a great effort on the field, especially in attack. At the moment we have problems with injuries, but my players have shown character and willingness to fight.”

Ivan Siriscevic, player of Vienna: “It was nice to return to Timisoara, I felt good when I played here. We struggled in this game, we played with a small rotation due to injuries, and during the game another player got a medical issue. I congratulate the team from Timisoara and wish them all the best in the season.”