Timisoara confirms group leader status in Kolín

Timisoara confirms group leader status in Kolín

BC GEOSAN Kolín – SCM winsed.swiss Mozzart Bet Timisoara 77:107 (18:30, 18:30, 17:27, 24:20)

Referees: Tybor, Ruhamiriza, Langowski (all Poland)

Attendance: 584

Scorers – Kolín: Veljković 13, Štegbauer 12, Novák 11, Bošković 8, Novotný 7, Štepán 6, Merta 5, Halada 3, Goga 0

Scorers – Timisoara: Gajić and Mitrović 21, Kesar 16, Scott-Grayson 13, Dimitrijević 9, Mirković and Lazar each 8, Nasturescu 6, Petrescu 5, Schipor 0

Timisoara slowly seized control over the game in the first half, mainly due to their superb offensive game. Kolín also made many turnovers (8 in the first quarter), which inevitably led to fast break points for Timisoara. Kolín tried to play zone defense later in the second quarter, but despite this, Timisoara continued in their scoring and finished the first half with 60 points and was leading by double digits.

The second half was more or less the same as the first, and Timisoara could take home another win. It should be noted that Kolín missed their key player and first point guard, Adam Číž, and unfortunately, their second point guard could not play a single minute due to injury.

Post-game quotes: 

Predrag Benáček, coach of Kolín: “Congratulations to Timisoara, you were the better side today. You had a great percentage on 2 and 3-point shots. We were not worthy opponents today, I am sorry to say. We lost a lot of energy in Saturday´s game against Děčín, and that showed. We also played without our starting point guard, with only one who is not in optimal shape, even physically. I am sorry for the fans, we did not obviously want to lose, but Timisoara was better. Congratulations to them, and we need to move on.”

Pavel Novák, player of Kolín: “It was a very hard match today for us, we had a very limited roster again. It was not a good game from us, we made a lot of turnovers, we did not follow the coach´s commands, mainly in defensive, and therefore they scored many points.”

Dragan Petričević, coach of  Timisoara: “Congrats to both teams, it was a good basketball game. I’m happy because we respected our game plan and advanced to the Final Four. We didn’t know if we would succeed here or somewhere else. Definitely, we were ready to play this game, and I’m happy because we found the resources—physical, mental, and tactical—needed to win this game.”

Tyreek Myjewel Scott-Grayson, player of Timisoara: “I think today we played really hard. The coach has been on us about defense, playing hard for 40 minutes. I think we did that. We came out and played well together.”