Thriller ends without a winner!

Thriller ends without a winner!

Patrioti Levice vs. BK JIP Pardubice 81:81 (21:21, 44,40, 63:67)

Referees: Tomašovič, Ženiš, Turčin (all Slovakia)
Audience: 1000
Venue: Športová hala

Scorers Patrioti Levice: Juríček 21, Flemmings 17, Krajčovič and Perovič each 12, Harris 7, Bojanovský and Kirves each 4, Bachan and Hot each 2, Žiak 0

Scorers BK JIP Pardubice: Vyoral 37, Nečas 16, Potoček 11, Švrdlík 8, Kohout 7, Škranc 2, Slanina, Svoboda and Svojanovský 0

First minutes were a bit slow, but then the tempo of match was rising. Levice got into small lead, but Pardubice in three minutes scored 14 points in a row. Home team answered by 10-0 run and after first ten minutes the score was equal – 21:21. In second period it happened the same thing, Nečas and Vyoral were on fire, so Levice had to change something. Juríček and Krajčovič took the responsibility and got Levice into small lead. Buzzer-beater of Flemmings meant the score 44:40 after first half.

Great match continued also in second half. Vyoral was a scoring machine, Pardubice with his help were in the lead. Everything was open after three quarters, the score was 63:67. Last quarter was a fight for each ball and point. Pardubice stopped many good runs of Levice, but in the end the home team risked everything. The result was that Flemmings equaled the score and before second quarterfinals is everything open.

Michal Madzin, coach of Levice: “Pardubice are a very good team with great individuality. We did not know them, we had short preparation to do a better job to stop a few things, which we saw. I have to say, the fight and willingness to do something with this match, was on the highest level. Maybe it is a fair draw.”

Viktor Juríček, player of Levice: “We started preparing on Sunday, we did not know what is against us. We tried to prepared as best as we can. The playmaker Vyoral surprised us, he scored 37 points. We had big problems with screens, pick-n-roll and pick-n-pop. We need to work on that.”

Kenneth Scalabroni, coach of Pardubice: “For spectators it was a fun match. Both teams shot well, both had good runs. In moment the lead was on Levice side, then on our side. I am a bit disappointed with the ending, we made some decisions, which were not good. We had to play cooler, better to pass the ball. I think is good, that the next game will be deciding about semifinals. I am expecting a good match, both teams will have to play on highest level.”

Tomáš Vyoral, player of Pardubice: “I do not know if we surprised the home team. We came here without two key players. We opened the game well, we played good in offense and especially in defense. Besides a few blank minutes, we controlled the match. In regard of progress of the match, the draw is not so much.”