Spišskí Rytieri stopped the domination of Timisoara

Spišskí Rytieri stopped the domination of Timisoara

Spišskí Rytieri – SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara 95:88 (20:28, 24:22, 30:20, 21:18)

Referees: Tomasz Tybor, Mateusz Skorek, Maciey Dabowski

Attendance: 500

Venue: Mestská Športová Hala Spišská Nová Ves

Scorers – Spišskí Rytieri: Washington 29, McGlynn 25, Juríček 15, Antoni 11, Mrviš 7, Fusek and Židzik each 4, Granič 0

Scorers – Timisoara: Kesar 21, McClellan 17, Djokovič 16, Mirkovič 9, Petrescu 8, Gajič 7, Maticuic 5, Schipor 3, Vujoševič 2

At the beginning of the game Timisoara were a better team and with their physical game and perfect shooting they created a score run early, more than 10 points. Spišskí Rytieri was still fighting and point by point they got back in the game. In the second half their defense was much better and they deserved to win the game.

Post-game quotes:

Teo Hojč, coach of Spišskí Rytieri: „Congratulations to our players for today’s performance especially after the beginning of the game when we were not use to their physical game. We did not give up and in the second half we controlled the perimeter defense. We beat a high level Romanian team and I am very thankful to our players for that. Of course we made also mistakes but we played a good game I think.”

Adam Antoni, player of Spišskí Rytieri: “Already after the game in Timisoara I told that if we play in full roster we can play with them and today game just proved this. We slept a bit in the first quarter, but then we improved the defense and took the big victory.”

Dragan Petričevič, coach of Timisoara: „Congratulations to Spišskí Rytieri, especially in second half they played very well and showed winning mentality and they wanted to win more than us. In the second half we did not get to the open shots and if yes we didn’t score. On the home team both Americans played very good match and we were not able to stop them in 1 on 1. Both teams are already in play-off so we will see how it goes next.”

Jamal McClellan, player of Timisoara: “Spišskí Rytieri was already in our first game very good team and we knew that they were in Romania without 4 players. Especially their American guards showed us why they are so good. Congratulations to them.”