Skrljevo defends home court

Skrljevo defends home court

Adria Oil Škrljevo – Swans Gmunden 90:76 (23:20, 23:21, 29:12, 15:23).

Refferees: Sušanj, Lenac and Miletić.
Venue: Mavrinci gym.
Attendance: 250.

ADRIA OIL ŠKRLJEVO: Mandić 17 (3-4), Vucić 1 (1-2), Cvitković, Dorris 13 (1-1), Benković, Boban 11, Batur 6 (2-2), Kolić, Slavica 21 (1-4), Bjelanović, Vrkić 5 (2-2), Robertson 16 (6-8).

SWANS GMUNDEN: Murati 11, Ogunyemi 10 (4-5), Friedrich 15 (3-4), Gütl 5 (2-2), Loveridge 6 (2-2), Blažan, Schartmüller, Barton, Hieslmair, Diemer.

The first quarter was given to Adria Oil Škrljevo, which led almost all ten minutes, except in 4′ when the guests had a 7:6 advantage. A quarter was practically even, as no one separated for a more noticeable difference. Although, the hosts on the wings of Mate Mandic, who scored eight points with one run, and Nik Slavica with six had six points advantage in 9’at 23:17.

The start of the second quarter is marked by the Greens, who have a plus nine 29:20 in the 13’to get Swans Gmunden back into the game quickly, so only two minutes later they have a second lead in the game 29:30 after the 10-0 series, but with points from Slavica and Dorris, the home team went on half time with 46:41. First half for guests very good by Toni Blazan with 12 and Daniel Friedrich with 9 points, while Adria Oil Škrljeva Slavica scored 14 and Mark Dorris 9.

In third quarter, a great performance by the host, who takes the initiative and after three minutes, plus ten 53:43. This is not the end, so in 26 ‘it goes to plus sixteen 61:45, to 27’ to plus 21, with a score of 66:45. At the end of the thirty minutes, Adria Oil Škrljevo has the highest lead of 75:58 for 22 differences. Slavica stopped at 20 and Mandic and Dorris to 13 points.

The last quarter belongs to the Austrians, who are making an incredible series, after a series of mistakes of the hosts and in 36 ‘come to minus seven 78:71. The home side scored three points, while the guests scored sixteen. Coach Damir Rajkovic has to call in the last minute of the break, after which the Greens consolidated the ranks, so they separate again on a double-digit difference. In the end, plus fourteen to host, and Arkim Roberston closed with 16 points. Slavica with 21 points scored most in the home team, while Fridrich scored 15. Second game is for eight days on February 5 in Gmunden.

Damir Rajković, coach of AO Škrljevo: Hard and tough game, for us psychological test, as we are in bad series. We had again big fails in second and last period, but great third period gave us advantage that we kept. Gmunden is very good team, and I think this was our maximum, and that we will have hard job in Austria to keep this. 

Mate Mandić player of AO Škrljevo: As i said before, and afther  few painful loses that we have to put our heads together and only as team can win this. Maybe today we could win more, but afther all this I say that this is good and great invitation for our Sunday game. 

Anton Mirolibov, coach of Gmunden: Congratulations to home team, they were good offensivly, we gave them too much ball, they got 30 points from turnovers, and that is what we have to reduce in next game. 

Toni Blažan, player of Gmunden: We had long journey, we came on game day, but we had too much turnovers, we had problems in defense, specially in 3rd period, overall we got 90 points what is too much. Journey can’t be excuse and we have to be much better in next game.