Road-victory for Austria

Road-victory for Austria

KK Virjednosnice Osijek managed to get the road-win in Austrian. They overcam Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions by 65:77.

Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions vs. KK Vrijedosnice Osijek
65:77 (21:25, 33:39, 50:57)

Referees: Goran Sljivic, Markus Sorgo, Alexander Radowjic (all AUT).
Audience: 200.
Venue: Lions Dome, Traiskirchen (AUT).

Scorers Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions: Andjelkovic 22, Schmit 8, Güttl 7, Rados 7, Zdravkovic 4, Duck 3, Schönerstedt 3, Danek 2, Gentner 2.
Scorers KK Vrijedosnice Osijek: Mustapic 19, Malik Abu 16, Pavlovic 14, Ihring 6, Sango 6, Peric 2, Darling 2.

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Lions started with Danek, Güttl, Schmit, Andjelkovic and Rados. The guests from Osijek began with Pavlovic, Ihring, Mustapic, Malik Abu, Sango. Both sides were very good offensively in the first minutes, after the first quarter the score was 21.25. The second quarter was more about the defensive end. Traiskirchens Andjelkovic still found some ways to score under the basket. At halftime he already had 10 points. Mustapic, captain from Osijek, on the other side led the scoring with 11 at the halftime.

In the third quarter the croatian team at some point already was up by 14 points but the Lions fought their way back and were down by only 50:57 right before the last quarter. Lions Coach Kostic was alreday mostly using his secondary players and KK managed to get ahead by over 10 points again. In the end they secured a save 65:77 win.

Zoran Kostic, head coach of Lions: “It was our goal to give some minutes to our young players. And we achieved that.”

Aleksandar Andjelkovic, player of Lions: “I think, that our young players showed, that they can play very good. Sometimes our game was a little chaotic, but at least 25 minutes we played a really good game.”

Vladimir Krstic, head coach of Osijek: “Congratulations to Traiskirchen. I know that they did not play with their full roster today, because Coach Kostic let his main players rest. But anyway, it was a nice and game, which we deserved to win, as we played with much more intensity.”

Jakov Mustapic, head coach of Lions: “We knew they are a very physical team. But we had a good mental preparation, it was not easy physically in the beginning. But when we got some shots going in the first quarter, it got better and in the end we deserved to win this game.”