Prievidza is still searching for a win, Ústí nad Labem got two points from the Slovak team

Prievidza is still searching for a win, Ústí nad Labem got two points from the Slovak team

BC Prievidza – SLUNETA Ústí nad Labem (ČR) (22:22, 23:25, 19:20, 17:24)

Referees: Mordal, Tybor, Podkowinska (all Poland)

Venue: Niké aréna, Prievidza

Scorers – Prievidza: Majerčák 21, Daunys 20, Creammer a Oshita po 13, Kincel and Jašš each 4, Lukáč and Magdolen each 3, Matuška 0

Scorers – Ústí nad Labem: Svejcar 20, Autrey 17, Jones 16, Pecka 13, Johnson 10, Fait 8, Karlovský 4, David 3, Haiblík 0

Post-game quotes:

Maroš Helmecy, coach of Prievidza: “First of all I wanted to congrats Sluneta. Today we don’t play very well on defense, and we need to work on it. Our biggest weaknesses were pick and roll and defense. Match had good speed, players were aggressive, but our young players needed to play harder. Everybody is trying the best of us to make them better and better. We are moving forward. This lost can be very important to us. If we could fight harder and play harder, we could win against any opponent.”

Matej Majerčák, player of Prievidza: “We had another hard match. We don’t play very well with teams from Czech, but I think that this match was better than matches before. We fight for 40 minutes, but we need to be better on offense and defense. Helping each other is very important, I think and we need to work on it. We scored 81 points, that’s very good, but our opponent scored 91 and we need to think about it.”

Ján Šotnar, coach of Ústí nad Labem: “That was our first match in Alpe Adria Cup. We played on Prievidza’s court so that was a really tough match. In the first half they played from long range and our defense had problems with it. We started to play fast basketball on offense. We made some important shots and I think that’s the reason why we won.”

Jahmal Jones, player of Ústí nad Labem: “It was a good game. Prievidza came with the good energy. It was our first match so we had some troubles, but we stayed focused and won the match. Prievidza pushed our limits, and we got a lot of work to do.”