Pardubice secures top position

Pardubice secures top position

Adria Oil Škrljevo – Pardubice
66:77 (21:15, 10:17, 19:24, 16:21).

Referee: Lenac, Baki and Zrnić (Rijeka).
Venue: Dvorana Mavrinci.
Attendance: 150.

ADRIA OIL ŠKRLJEVO: Pandurić 8 (4-4), Mandić 3 (1-4), Vucić 3, Cvitković 2, Benković, Boban 12, Batur 25 (5-5), Kolić, Riewer 6, Bjelanović, Robertson 7 (1-9).

PARDUBICE: Pavlović, Nećas 3 (1-2), Pulpan 6, Švrdlik 19 (2-3), Škranc 20 (0-1), Kohout 9 (1-1), Potoček 5, Svojanovsky 2, Svoboda 13 (2-2).

Adria Oil Škrljevo basketball players lost in the 5th round of Group A of the Alpe Adria Cup by JIP Pardubic in the Mavrinci Hall. The Czech representative won by a score of 77:66. With the third defeat, the team from Škrljevo moved away from the quarterfinals of the Alps Adria Cup, as Pardubice has all wins in this year of AAC. It was a copied match from two weeks ago that took place in Pardubice. By halftime the game was even, so the guests went on a great break with a minimum advantage of 32:31. In the first twenty minutes of the home team, who got the first quarter with a score of 21:15, Ivan Batur was the most efficient to score 9, and captain Antonio Boban with 7 points. Below, the guests take the initiative, and after three quarters they have a plus six 50:56. The last quarter was really bad for the Greens. There were a lot of misses and turnovers that brought defeat, and now the only theory remains that Adria Oil Škrljevo would be placed in the quarter finals. The most efficient of the Greens was Ivan Batur with 25 points, while the guests David Skranc scored 20.

Ken Scalabroni, head coach Pardubice:“Always good to win, especialy on road. We came here with poor perfomance on our Saturday league, some injuries problems. I thought that team came back good this night, we got some new injuries, but it was good team perfomance. We had too many turnovers but it was enough.

Josef Potocek (player of Pardubice): “It was important to win, we had problems with turnovers and rebounds, and  afther less good intro in this game, later we played better and won.

Ivan Batur (player of AO Skrljevo): “Congratulations on guests for win, we didnt look bad, we needed this for self-confidence but we made too many mistakes. We were close, but at the end they made few mistakes less and won. 

Damir Rajković (coach of AO Skrljevo): “We wanted this win, but again we are doing too many turnovers. In this game we had 24 turnovers, our guards are having too many bad decisions, and too many turnovers. We cant make easy points, and we give too many points to oponnent, so we cant win this. Congratulations to Pardubice, and I wish them all the best in next round.”