Offensive show in Vienna, with a successful ending for the home team

Offensive show in Vienna, with a successful ending for the home team

BC Vienna – BC Geosan Kolín 116:107 (29:26, 29:31, 18:20, 30:30)

Referees: Ženiš, Bara, Stopka (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 120

Scorers – Vienna: Konjević 27, Sirišević 23, Vujošević and Bajo each 16, Stažić 12, Stuckey 11, Radoš 6, Zadeh 3, Zdravković 2, Yilmazer 0

Scorers – Kolín: Halada 24, Novotný 23, Štegbauer 16, Bošković 17, Novák 15, Veljković 12, Goga 0

Kolin started very strongly on the three-pointer, but on the BC Vienna side, newcomer Aron Stazic also showed himself to be very solid in the first minutes and successfully scored under the basket a few times. By the middle of the first quarter, there was a real three-point firework on both sides. Since both teams mainly shot from outside, there were hardly any fouls and little offensive work under the basket. In the end, BC Vienna was able to take the lead by just 3 points (29:26). Shortly after the throw-in, Bajo managed a steal, which he converted into a spectacular dunk. Now both Kolin and BC Vienna looked for the way to the basket more often, which caused the game under the basket to pick up a little more momentum. The home team showed a better hand in finishing in the next few minutes, which allowed them to extend their lead to 7 points by halftime of this quarter. Through concentrated team play and a three-pointer from Goga 40 seconds before halftime, Kolin took a two-point lead to 55:57. However, a buzzer beater by Sirisevic brought BC Vienna into the break with a one-point lead (58:57).

The third quarter started very evenly, but now the defensive work under the basket has picked up speed. The big men, in particular, didn’t give anything away down there. This led to numerous free throws on both sides compared to the previous quarters. Both Kolin and BC Vienna scored numerous successful three-pointers in this part—a total of 27 three-pointers were successfully scored by both teams so far! However, the lead did not change until the end of the quarter, and BC Vienna was able to win this quarter with 86:77. Since BC Vienna lost away to Kolin by 2 points, they knew that they had to win this game by at least 3 points. Accordingly, Coach Radanovic’s men started the last quarter a bit more aggressively. Coach Benacek was forced to call a timeout after just one and a half minutes. These 10 minutes of play also showed some three-pointers worth seeing, but again, less team play or moves to the basket. BC Vienna was able to extend the lead to +12 points, but that didn’t stop Kolin from continuing to fight for a win. In the end, BC Vienna managed to win the game by +9 points (116:107).

Post-game quotes:

Hrvoje Radanović, coach of Vienna: “Congratulations for the win to our guys—an important win for us to keep the chance to advance in the AAC. With this win and more points than we lost in Kolin, that’s good for us.”

Davor Konjević, player of Vienna: “We were in a good rhythm, and we won the game through good team effort, and that’s the only thing that matters.”

Predrag Benaček, coach of Kolín: “Congratulation to Vienna, they played very well in offense. We came here with 6 players, held 6 players, and we had a very short bench, and Vienna used this; they made approximately 20 three-pointers. Okay. ”

Pavel Novák, player of Kolín: “It was a tough game we had a small rotation, so it was hard to play 40 minutes.”