Levice secures play-off spot

Levice secures play-off spot

Patrioti Levice – Egoe Basket Brno
82:62 (17:19, 26:19, 15:16, 24:8)

Referees: Tomašovič, Margala, Turček (all Slovakia)
Audience: 600.

Levice: Juríček 17, Krajčovič 14, Hot 12, Bachan 11, Žiak 10, Perovič 8, Bojanovský 5, Hill and Kirves each 2, Volárik 1, Adámik and Danielič 0

Brno: Roby 12, Kavaš and Novotný each 11, Farský a Krakovič po 6, Stegbauer 5, Jokl and Kozina each 4, Nehyba 3.

The first minutes of the game where interesting, both teams started with 5:0 run. Then Levice made six points in a row, which got them into bigger lead. Brno in this phase did not scored for five minutes, but in the end, it was all about them. After all, after first quarter the visitors were in 19:17 lead. In the second period, it was an equal match, most of the time it was shooting duel Hot – Novotný. Then Juríček got in his zone and Levice thanks to him won the first half 43:38.

After the break, Brno were the better team, because Levice was changing good moments with bad. In one moment, visitors gain lead – 54:53, but five points in a row from home players meant 58:54 after 30 minutes. The key moments came in the beginning of fourth quarter, Patrioti made 10:0 run, with that they broke the opponent and their chances to secure a win. Brno didn’t answer, so Levice gain comfortable lead and ticket to play offs.

Michal Madzin, coach of Levice: “It´s not easy to evaluate this match. I think, with better performance in second half, we gained this match under our control, but I think, we should do a little bit better.”

Martin Bachan, player of Levice: “We struggled a little bit in offense, we did not know, what to play. We allowed them easy baskets from transition, which was the result of our bad transition. We got somehow together, but the result is much different, then the whole game.”

Lubomír Růžička, coach of Brno: “I have to say, that we played without our first guard, which is always a complication. 30 minutes we did a solid good on both ends of the court. We were a little bit limited in offense and in our offensive potential, but we were still down by 4. The 3 turnovers in a row, home team were leading by 8 and we got first time out. We didn’t catch, it was minus 14 and then second time out. Then we were struggling, home team was hot. That’s basketball, sometimes is cruel.”

Davell Roby, player of Brno: “Levice are a pretty good team, they game experienced players. They destroyed in paint, they hit open shots. We were outrebounded, they got 50/50 balls and they won in the match.”