Levice escapes with important win

Levice escapes with important win

MMCITÉ1 BASKET BRNO : BK PATRIOTI LEVICE 78:81 (25:27, 42:42, 56:64)

Referees: Ondráček, Dombrovský, Petrák (all CZE).
Audience: 192.
Venue:Ball games hall FSpS MU (Brno, CZE).

Brno: Roby 18, Smithson 17, Jokl 10, Kavaš, Novotný both 8, Nehyba 6, Kozina 4, Stegbauer 3, Farský 2.
Levice: Perovič 16, Bojanovský 14, Hot 12, Krajčovič, Hill both 10, Kirves 8, Juríček 6, Žiak 5.

The first half of the game was really tied. Even though Levice went on a 7-0 run in the first two minutes, we got back on track and three minutes were almost tied three minutes before the end of the first quarter. Because of Hot’s and-one, we lost our small lead and continued to the next period with a two-point deficit. Even there the game was tied. Both teams were exchanging a bucket for a bucket and the fans had a nerve wrecking tied game to watch. The first half then ended the same way it began – with no one in the lead.

When the players came back from their locker rooms, Levice grabbed their opportunity and slowly built up a solid eight-point lead which they held on to until the end of the third quarter. In was up to the last period to decide who shall be the winner and who the looser. It took no more than six minutes for us to catch up with Levice’s pace and we were losing by just two points three minutes before the end of the game. Unfortunately, we were unable to break through that small deficit and therefore we, also because Hot’s final free throws, we ended up losing. Levice took their fourth win and jumped to the first place of the group B.

Michal Madzin, head coach of BK Patrioti Levice:“We knew that this game was not going to be easy. First of all, because of the long trip. Second of all, based on the matches I saw, Brno plays aggressively. When their young players are hitting shots it is really hard to guard them. I am glad that we held on to our lead, thanks to experience and also luck. On the other hand, we had a great lead like four times and we could have take a better control of that. Sometimes it was almost double figure lead so we could have held on to it.”

Lubomír Růžička, head coach of mmcité1 Basket Brno:“Congratulations to Levice, their Coach and Štěpán for the win. I am disappointed because the game was not supposed to be based on our eleven-point deficit at one point when we had to interrupt it with a time-out. We have a big problem with our mental mistakes and blackouts. I focus on defense. We received eighty-one points today and just from my memory, I can give you examples of twenty points we got because of an individual decision of a player where he did not do the thing I told him to. Someone did not play contain when they were supposed to, someone switched when they should not or someone decided for a double team on side when they should have played it on the top. We get buckets from these situations all the time and the only thing I hear is: ‘Oh! Sorry, my bad.’ These situations are experiences that young players need to get and learn from. Also, we did not make free throws at the end and we are below the sixty percent mark again which is bad. One thing I liked was the performance of Davell Roby in his first match after joining the team – five assists, eighteen points, some rebounds. He as a player will help us a lot. So congratulations to Levice once again and I wish them safe trip back home.”

Šimon Krajčovič, player of BK Patrioti Levice: “No game on a foreign ground is easy and we knew it while coming here. Our unstable game played a role. We could get in a bigger lead but because of our stupid mistakes there was a close game on the line at the end and anything could have happened. We got through it, especially thanks to our final two good defences, and are bringing back an important win. Good luck to Brno and we are moving forward to our game on Saturday.”

Filip Novotný, player of mmcité1 Basket Brno: “Congratulations to Levice as well for the win. We had a blank space in the third quarter with a lot of our mistakes. Fortunately, we did come back and play a tied final minutes of the match. But we did not execute well and lost. We have to get ready for our Friday match against Hradec and finally get our first win.”