Late push of Komárno gave them into Final Four

Late push of Komárno gave them into Final Four

BC Komárno – GKK Šibenka 89:78 (20:25, 20:19, 23:16, 26:18)

Attendance: 450

Venue: Mestská športová hala Komárno

Scorers – Komárno: Stuckey 28, Gatling 19, Marković 13, Gašić 10, Djordjević 9, Danielič 6, Volárik 4, Dolník 0

Scorers – Šibenka: Kakar 24, Jambrović 23, Broćić, Howard and Klarin each 9, Antić 4, Sarić and Skorić 0

After the first match of the quarterfinals in Sibenik, it was clear that Komárno had to win by 7 or more points at home if they wanted to advance. The start of the match was better for the visitors, they won the first quarter 25:20. In the second part of the game the home team came closer, but at halftime it was 44:40 for Šibenik. Komárno turned the game around in the third quarter, but it was even until the end of the game. In the end, the home team built up enough of a lead to win the game 89:78, which meant that they secured their promotion to the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup.

Post-game quotes: 

Zlatko Jovanovič, coach of Komárno: “We have a tough lost in our domestic league, in Svit, which really hurts. We come this morning to practice and I tell the players: it’s not only for you, but it’s the biggest game of my career for me, too. I’ve been coaching for 2 years and it’s a big game for me. I don’t want to push any kind of pressure on them, they have only the pressure to do the practice and enjoy the game. This game will be deciding character, heart and mentality. At the beginning of the game, we are out of any concentration, but I see we have a heart. In the second half we completely changed everything, we play our best defence in the game. Komárno was a team, which 2 years ago was on the zero ground. If somebody will tell me or Boban 2 years ago, that we will play in the Final Four of Alpe Adria Cup, we didn’t believe him. Our dream came true, all credit goes to the players, they deserve it, and I just congratulate them from the bottom of my heart. Šibenik is an amazing young team, they play without their best player Paić, but still play very well. They have a great coach, my friend, Damir Milačić and they are really good and we can be more proud, that we win this game. We represent Slovak basketball in the best way, I’m very proud, but there is not much time to celebrate, we have a game again in our domestic league on Saturday.”

Shane Gatling, player of Komárno: “Šibenik is a very good team, we lost to them in the first game, so we knew we had to beat them at home by 7 points or more. It was a tough game, but it was good to watch. We enjoyed the game as well.”

Damir Milačić, coach of Šibenka: “It was an tough match, we knew Komárno had to win by 8 points. We started the game without our two key players Paič and Pleadin. We started the game well, but in the end our opponent turned it around and advanced. Thank you to our fans who measured the way to Komárno and created a great atmosphere. Congratulations to Komárno for making it to the Final Four and I wish them and my friend Zlatko the best of luck.”

Jacob Kakar, player of Šibenka: “We played without some players, so we had to play more or we had more minutes than usual. I’m happy for the energy that we shown, I believe we will continue to do that.”