Lasko celebrates in first semi

Lasko celebrates in first semi

ZLATOROG LAŠKO : mmcité BRNO 73:69 (23:24, 43:35, 57:48)

Referees: Vučkovič, Zupančič, Krajnc (all SLO).
Audience: 250.
Venue: Dvorana Tri lilije, Laško (SLO).

Zlatorog Laško: Pulutak 22, Popović 10, Zadnik 8, Maček 7, Thomas 7, Vodiškar 7, Barič 5, Miljković 5, Durnik 2, Grdadolnik, Lisica.
mmcité Brno: Radulovič 18, Primorac 17, Barry 10, Tomanec 9, Lelić 7, Smith 4, Hrabovsky 2, Kozina 2, Kereselidze, Vyroubal, Jedovnicky.

Brno started better and took lead with 2:8. After few minutes Zlatorog started play better and came back. Brno got first quarter with 23:24. In second quarter Zlatorog took things in his hands and went on halftime brake with 8 points leaded. Second half was equal on both sides, but Laško didn`t lost his lead. 35 second till the end Zlatorog had + 7 and attack, but they lost the ball and got 3-point. Lelić has set the final result on 73:69 for Zlatorog.

Aleš Pipan, head coach of Zlatorog Laško: “We won first semifinal game, but we could play better.”

Imran Polutak, player of Zlatorog Laško: “It was tough game and we got it. Now we are looking for next important game in our league which we play in friday. “

Dejan Jakara, head coach of Brno: “We had health problems in the team. I think we played one good match against Zlatorog.“

Mladen Primorac player of Brno: “Deserved victory for Laško. But it’s just four points at the end, which bring us hope in return game in Brno.”