Introducing the teams for the AAC Final Four: Spišskí Rytieri

Introducing the teams for the AAC Final Four: Spišskí Rytieri

The second semi-final match of the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup powered by GGMT in Vienna will pit teams that already have experience in such an event against each other. For the second year in a row, the Spišskí Rytieri managed to fight their way into the top four. Will this now be the first time they will participate in the finals or win a trophy for the winner?

Teo Hojč, head coach of Spišskí Rytieri:

– We are facing the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup. What does it mean to you that you made it to this event at all?

“Just look at the teams that didn’t get in, with what quality and a budget much bigger than ours. That said, we’re happy to have made it this far in a competition that’s getting stronger every year. The Slovak league is not as weak as some might think.”

– How do you evaluate your performance in this competition so far?

“We got through the group stage mainly thanks to two away wins in a row, that made the difference. Of course, we remember the quarter-final series with Pardubice the most, when we managed to turn around a 14-point deficit.”

– How is the team in terms of health and preparedness for this event?

“We are trying our best and we hope that all the players will be ready to play.”

– The Final Four system is uncompromising, 1 game, 1 chance. How will you prepare for this specific match?

“The Final Four is interesting because of the system and it has its own charm. We will try to prepare as best we can for the specifics of the system.”

– What does this international confrontation give you?

“Every international confrontation always gives a lot to the players and also to the club. Without that, the league, its quality and respect in Europe will hardly grow. Domestic players can only grow in this way and if the Slovak national team will also benefit from it, we will be happy.”

– In the semi-finals you will face Vienna. What kind of opponent is it, how does he present himself and what do you think about his results and performances so far?

“This is a very experienced team with some of the best Austrian players, plus quality and experienced legionnaires. They have great quality and are led by a well-known coach Naglić. They are very motivated, their goal is to win the competition and they are playing at home.”

–  What will it be about from your point of view to be able to advance to the finals?

“We would have to play at a very high level, especially in defence where we need to stop a lot. It will also be a very physical game, we need to be prepared for that. I believe we will all give it our all.”