Ilirija is not giving up

Ilirija is not giving up

KK Ilirija – BC Vienna 121:101 (26:32, 40:22, 27:24, 28:23)

Referees: Stanković, Miletić, Matek

Attendance: 50

Scorers – Ilirija: Macura 23, Mikuš 21, Barišić 16, Ferme 12, Kureš 11, Gorišek and Orel each 8, Mulalić 6, Strnad 5, Sčekić and Nosakhare each 4, Klobučar 3

Scorers – Vienna: Konjević 36, Vujosević 29, Yilmazer and Stazic each 12, Cvetkov 10, Rados 2

Great offensive starts from both teams. And after 3 minutes and a 10:12 trail, Modrić took his first timeout of the game. Ilirija did not find the answer to the great offensive first quarter from Vienna, ending the first 10 minutes with a 26:32 guest lead. Great start of the second quarter from Ilirija, and after 1 minute 40, they took the lead 34:32. Amazing offensive performances continued from both sides, but Ilirija took the initiative, and 18 minutes into the game, Vienna took another timeout with Ilirija leading 60:49. The first half ended with 66:54 for Ilirija.

The offensive attack continued in the 2nd half with 83:65 after 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. Ilirija did not back down, finishing the third with a 93:78 lead. In the last quarter, the scoring show for the fans continued. Ilirija keeps the lead. Vienna tried to come back, but unsuccessfully. Ilirija took the win with 121:101.

Post-game quotes: 

Stipe Modrić, coach of Ilirija: “Congratulations to my guys for the win. The game was good for the fans, but it is not ok. Getting 101 points from a team that was due to injuries forced us to have half a team from the junior roster. We just have to play better defense if we want to achieve anything.”

Sergej Macura, player of Ilirija: “Congratulations to Vienna for the game, it was hard for them due to injuries. The defense could have been better today, we have to work on that. It is great to be back after a month without playing due to my injury.”

Hrvoje Radanović, coach of Vienna: “Congratulations, Ilirija, for the win, offensively, an exciting game. Congratulations to my guys, because of the diseases and injuries, we were in this situation with 3 senior and 3 junior players. Congratulations to my guys again and to Ilirija for the win.”

Davor Konjević, player of Vienna: “We are dealing with lots of injuries, so we came to Ljubljana shorthanded. Nevertheless, we gave our max, which at the end was not enough for the win.”