Just one more step for Praha

Just one more step for Praha

USK Praha – BK Patrioti Levice 76:73 (22:20, 37:43, 60:57)

Referees: Hošek, Kec, Kučírek (all CZE).
Audience: 256.
Venue: Sportovní hala Folimanka, Praha (CZE).

USK Praha: Bookert 25, Sehnal 14, Madsen 11, Raines 8, Křivánek 7, Mareš 7, Štěrba 4.
Patrioti Levice: Bojanovský 12, Krajčovič 11, Mijovič 11, Kurbas 8, Bachan 8, Diabate 7, Vašo 7, Sins 6, Žiak 3.

From the very beginning it was dynamic game with many highlight plays on both sides. Teams were exchanging basket for basket so 1st quarter ended with small difference of 2 points. Next period of game was under dictate of Levice, when they started to play very good team basketball in offense and in defence as well. It led to 9 points margin but thanks to Krivanek’s buzzer-beater halftime diference was just 6 points.

In second half USK started to work harder in defence and also try to catch game back with zone. Their strategy worked perfectly and after first 5 minutes of 3rd quarter game was even. Couple of successful threepointers and good defensive play by Madsen at the very end of 3rd quarter USK was up by 3. Tempo of game slowed down and defence was not so intense because lot of players on both sides had foul troubles. Again game was like „basket for basket“ but Bookert scored from his drive and after that Sehnal made difficult lay-up with foul 3 seconds before game end and that led to final score 76:73

Chris Chougaz, head coach USK Praha: „It was very tough to play after only one day brake. We played Brno on Saturday. They are very good team and I am very happy that we played second half good defense. They lost for the first time in HAAC this season. We have another 40 min or more so we must continue with fight.“

Jakub Tuma, player USK Praha: „We know that Levice are good. They are second in Slovakia league. Today both teams played zone defense and key moment was end of the game. We were more lucky and made first step. But the game is not over. This is just half time.“

Tomas Hojcl, head coach Patrioti Levice: „First of all congratulation to the home team. They were more happy at the end of the game. We did not play good game tonight. I expected more experience on the floor from our players. At the beginning we had problems with pick and roll defense. Madsen was good at this game part. He made few eassy shots from back doors. In second half we improved our game and could get the lead. But they profit from our turnovers and they catched the rhytm. We hade chance to make it more dramatic but it did not happen.“

Tanel Kurbas, player Patrioti Levice: „It was tought. Yesterday it was long travel and we did not practice in the evening. We had only morning practice. We were stiff and not ready at the beginning but manage to get in the game after five minutes and win the first half. But second half they surprised us a little bit with zone defense and we did not use the chance well.”