Group B kicked off in Maribor with the successes of Split and Banska Bystrica

Group B kicked off in Maribor with the successes of Split and Banska Bystrica

KAŽL Split – BK Duchess Klosterneuburg 70:63 (14:15, 18:12, 21:20, 17:16)

Referees: Stojčevski, Močnik, Mlakar (all Slovenia)

Attendance: 50

Scorers – Split: Pirjak 19, Langhi 16, Marins 10, Bozan 8, Buckner 7, Smiljanic and Rimarcuk each 5

Scorers – Klosterneuburg: L. Zdedaricka 21, Vamvaka and Winkler each 8, Hoellerl 7, Sanseovic and P. Zdedaricka each 6, A. Zdedaricka 4, Matzka 3, Motaln, Polygalova and Vujcic 0

Post-game quotes:

Vjekoslav Lokica, coach of Split: “It was not a good game, we made a lot of mistakes. We won, but I’m not very happy with the way we played. Slavia, the favourite in this group, is waiting for us in the second match.”

Franz Zderadicka, coach of Klosterneuburg: “We didn’t know what to expect among teams in very basketball-rich countries. We played well in the first half, we were close to winning. From this perspective I can be satisfied, but we always want to win.”

ŽKD Maribor – Slávia Banská Bystrica 65:89 (26:11, 11:20, 11:32, 17:16)

Referees: Vidaković, Marinović, Uranker (all Slovenia)

Attendance: 100

Scorers – Maribor: Tomšić 19, Steharnik 14, Brečelj 9, Dautović 5, Stojko 4, Čvar and Vilfan each 3, Setor 2, Grujić, Leban and Petrović 0

Scorers – Banská Bystrica: Striešová 16, Bogicevic 13, Mujović 12, Šimonovičová 10, da Cruz 9, Hruščáková 8, Brabencová 7, Kozáková 4, Bura, Holíková and Martišková each 2, Neuschlová 0

Post-game quotes:

Alen Ploj, coach of Maribor: “We played against an extremely strong team from Banska Bystrica. The first half was very good for us, but the quality of Slavia came to the fore in the second half. I’m satisfied with the performance of our players, and I believe that we will play like this in the Slovenian championship as well.”

Zuzana Žirková, coach of Banská Bystrica: “We had a bad start. After picking up the pace in the second half, we made the difference. We needed time because the team from Maribor was very aggressive. They are young and very running-oriented, and it took us the first half to find our rhythm. That was our biggest problem. I think that our players must squeeze out more; such matches are welcome for the goal we have.”