Gmunden crushes Polzela at home

Gmunden crushes Polzela at home

Swans Gmunden vs. Hopsi Polzela
102:71 (23:16, 37:37, 74:51)

Venue: Volksbank Arena, Gmunden.
Attendance: 450.

Scorers Swans Gmunden: Friedrich, Lovereach each 21, Ogunyemi 13, Güttl 12, Blazan, Linortner each 10, Murati 8, Schartmüller 7.

Scorers Hopsi Polzela: Fowler 17, Atanackovic 13, Dragan10, Vasilic 8, Vasl, Pesak each 5, Copot, Goltnik each 4, Cebular 3, Collins 2.

Both teams had a very similar start to the game. The defense was tough and on the offensive end of the floor both team screated good chances but not all of them had been converted into points. Polzela then offered the Swans some easy points which allowed the Austrians to go up 9:4. The away team from slovenia the started forcing to put the ball inside where they had a clear advantage. However after some time they again tried to shoot more threes but the ball should not find the way into the basket and so the Swans were able to extend their lead to 23:16 after ten minutes.

The second quarter started like the first ended. Polzela kept shooting the ball but the had not started yet to go into the target. Gmunden continued executing well on offense and keeping the ball outside the paint. Then Hopsi found their rythm from downtown and could make it a two score game. However, it were the swans who hat controled this game. They had control over the pace and Polzela had no real answers on defense tot he plays the Swans had called. And so the first half came to an end with a score of 47:37.

The beginning of the second half showed the difference between these two teams. The Swans were the more efficient team because Polzela allowed the too many easy points. Gmunden could score easily with undefended lay-ups and open threes. Hopsi could hardly answer because they struggled too much on offense and turned the ball over too often. The Swans could now do anything and it would work. A tip-in by Güttl on the one possession and a spin-move-lay-up on the other. At the end of the third quarter Hopsi started fighting back a little. Two unanswered threes were unfortunately followed by an ejection from the away team and the quarter ended with a score of 84:51.

In the fourth and last quarter Gmunden accomplished the blow-out victory. The game did not change much compared to the other three quarters. The Swans executed well on offense, made their shots and did a got job on keeping the ball outside of their paint. The Guests from Slovenia still struggled on both ends of the floor. The game did not gain any tension and the Austrians celebrated a 102:71 home-victory.