Gliwice fires past Vienna

Gliwice fires past Vienna

GTK Gliwice remains unbeaten in Group D. They caught fire in second half and won 115:92 against BC Hallmann Vienna.

BC Hallmann Vienna vs. GTK Gliwice
92:115 (23:22, 50:46, 69:80)

Referees: Wolfgang Kirnbauer, Mathias Kittel, Clemens Salomon (all AUT).
Audience: 200.
Venue: Hallmann Dome, Vienna (AUT).

Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Detrick 44, Radakovics 22, Gvozden 12, Koka 5, Trmal M. 4, Trimal F. 3, Hassan-Zadeh 2.
Scorers GTK Gliwice: LaChance 27, Mack 25, Robak 12, Dawkins 11, Szlachetka 9, Dawdo 7, Radwanski 7, Dodd 7, Stupinski 5, Kiwilsza 3, Kurbas 2.

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The game started very equal on both sides with a strong defensive play of both teams. Unlucky missed shots of Vienna caused a short leadership of Gliwice. After hard work on the rebound, Vienna got back on track and was able to finish the first quarter with 1 point ahead.

The second quarter seemed to be on full behalf of GTK Gliwice. A 10:2 run of the guest team put BC Hallmann Vienna under pressure. Thanks to many successful three-pointers in the last 5 minutes of this quarter, Vienna was able to finish with a 4 point lead.

After fiftheen minutes half-time break both teams started aggressive in defense and fought for every rebound. Due to early team-fouls, Vienna as well as Gliwice got the chance to score the “easy baskets” from the free-throw line. Although both teams fought until the end of the quarter, GTK Gliwice was able to extend their lead up to 11 points.

The last and final quarter started almost as aggressive as the one before. Since BC Hallmann missed many shots in a row and GTK Gliwice scored a lot, BC Vienna was no longer able to balance the score and in the end lost the game.

Florian Trmal, player of Vienna: “I think, all in all we can be satisfied with tonights game. We fought, although we are still understaffed inside. We have to wait that our new guy will get his license. If the opponent makes 115 points,  you couldn’t say, that we played good defense, but offensivly it was very good. And we gained a lot of ecperience on international level.”

Pawel Turkiewicz, head coach of Gliwice: “Games like this are not easy. We were unconcentrated and not focused before the game. The first half was a result of that. One of their players scored 44 points, I told my guys they will play everything about him. But like I said, there are no easy games. Which we understood in second half, when we played little bit better defense. Even I was not satisfied at all, but it was enough that, we got into an offensive rhythm. Everybody was shooting and scoring, that’s why we won in the end.”

Kacper Radwanski, player of Gliwice: “It wasn’t the best game for us. To be honest it was a terrible game from our side. Vienna played really good, scored tough shots. We have to improve our game and play better. Congratulations to Vienna, it was a really tough game. Even if the score says something different.”