Finalists from Pardubice stepped up with success in Furnir

Finalists from Pardubice stepped up with success in Furnir

KK Furnir – BK KVIS Pardubice 73:96 (18:18, 14:38, 18:22, 23:18) 

Scorers – Furnir: Hollingsworth 19, Karahodžić 10, Kalajžić and Savić each 9, Bjelanović and Vidović each 5, Bosnjak, Jurić, Paponja and Rada each 4, Kos and Nazor 0

Scorers – Pardubice: Svoboda 20, Pekárek 16, Čolak 12, Rikić 11, Švrdlík 8, Potoček, Štěrba and Vyoral each 7, Šafarčík 5, Lukeš 3, Vrábel

The hosts were tied 28:28 in the middle of the second quarter, and then the guests from the Czech Republic, with eight scored three-pointers in the first half, made a series 28:4 and had +24 (56:32). In the following, we watched scattered basketball in which players who have less minutes in the championships of Croatia and the Czech Republic also got a chance.

Post-game quotes: 

Jeronimo Šarin, head coach of Furnir: “Extremely bad second quarter from our side, which the quality team of Pardubice took advantage of and made the difference that remained until the end of the game. What is important and what we knew would happen is the fact that our young players show the energy and strength they would have to play with. This is our school, and we believe that we will get better from game to game.”

Kenan Karahodžić, player of Furnir: “We had a very good start to the game and we played everything we agreed to. At the end of the second quarter, we lost our concentration and energy and they gave us almost 40 points in the second quarter. It was difficult to come back, and for us, as the youngest team in the league, this is a great experience and we hope to play better from game to game.”

Dino Repeša, head coach of Pardubice: “I am glad that after a long time I came to Zagreb and Dubrava and that we convincingly won against a well-led team that has 2-0 in Croatia. All players had minutes, which is very important considering that Nymburk is waiting for us on Saturday. We approached the match seriously, like every other in the championship, and it was visible on the floor.”

Robert Rikić, player of Pardubice: “We started the game worse and we will not allow ourselves to do that on Saturday when we play against the champions of the Czech Republic. With respect to Furnir, the most important thing is that we celebrated at the start of the AAC and now we are turning to the domestic championship.”