Dabrowa Górnicza with win, but Vienna with the ticket to Final Four

Dabrowa Górnicza with win, but Vienna with the ticket to Final Four

MKS Dabrowa Górnicza – BC GGMT Vienna 91:88 (24:22, 20:21, 21:27, 24:20)

Referees: Zubák, Šarišský, Karniš (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 120

Venue: Hallmann Dome

Scorers – Dabrowa Górnicza: Lewis 17, Pacheco 15, Fenner Jr. 14, Sobin 12, Malgorzaciak and Piechowicz each 11, Brenk 9, Czujkowski 2, Motylewski 0

Scorers – Vienna: Vujošević 19, Vrabac 15, Jones 14, Radoš 13, Jogela 11, Hughes and Sirišević each 8, Hughes 8,

The game started similar to the one on Monday. Both teams were trying to find a way through the zone and get the ball to their big men under the basket. The very aggressive defensive play, Vienna as well as Górnicza played, made it difficult to score on the first trial. As in the first quarter final, Górnicza was the one who won the first quarter by a buzzer beater by Michael Lewis II (22:24). Both teams were defending pretty well and the fans did not see more baskets in this game section than in the one before. From minute five on, Vienna was able to take over the lead again and hold it until the last minute before the break – a quick three-pointer from Fenner put the guests in the lead. Another time out from Vienna, with only 49 seconds left on the clock. Thanks to a good team performance Vienna was able to score one more time by Sirišević, but the second quarter finished with a score of 43:44.

The home team started the second half with a nice set play followed by an open outside shot from Jones. But the answer from Górnicza wasn’t far away. Missed chances on the offensive rebound of Vienna was directly punished by Górnicza with quick points from fast breaks. Normally, the third quarter is one the strongest from Vienna but after half of the quarter was already played, they really struggled to find their rhythm – this helped Górnicza to slowly extend their lead (54:64). The third quarter ended in favor of the guests (64:71). Do or die was the message of the last quarter. The home team performed better and better and was able to fight back the lead with 4 minutes left on the clock. The next two minutes were characterized by points and/or fouls on both sides alternately. 24 seconds before the end – score was even – huge slam dunk from Michael Hughes brought Vienna +2. With 8 seconds left on the clock and 88:89 on the scoreboard, Górnicza took another time out. The game ended with a final score of 88:91.

Post-game quotes:

Derrick Fenner Jr., player of Dabrowa Górnicza: “It was a tough game! We fought until the end, we got into discussions a little bit with the refs. But at the end of the day there were things we could have done better. Good job to Vienna, they fought hard!”

Petar Stazić-Strbac, general manager of Vienna: “Congrats on all the players and the coaching staff for this sporting battle here in our Hallmann Dome. Also, to the team from Poland, I think everyone did their best! Again, congrats to our club – this season is the highest level ever in the Alpe Adria Cup. I am very proud that we can go to the Final Four next week – we have big ambitions.”

Paul Radakovics, player of Vienna: “Good team performance, I am happy that we made it – another Final Four for us and we definitely want to win the title.”