Come-back victory for Brno

Come-back victory for Brno

After trailing the whole game against BK Klosterneuburg Dukes, Egoe Basket Brno managed to come back in the final seconds and win 77:76.

Egoe Basket Brno : BK Klosterneuburg Dukes
77:76 (7:18, 25:34, 45:57)

Referees: Matějek, Karafiát, Zatloukal (all CZE).
Audience: 121.
Venue: Ball game hall, FSpS MU (Brno, CZE).

Scorers Egoe Basket Brno: Keely 14, Vašát 13, Roby 13, Nehyba 10, Farský 9, Kozina 6, Stegbauer 5, Hrabovský 3, Kereselidze 3, Jokl 1.
Scorers BK Klosterneuburg Dukes: Hopfgartner 16, Bavcic 10, Lanegger 10, Miletic 10, Bas 8, Burgemeister, Miletic 5, Bauer 4, Kolonovics 4, Kilic 2, Blazevic 2.

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Austrian team started the match with a dominance. Timur Bas made the first three-point shot, which was the first basket of the game, and Brno was losing by seven points within three minutes (0:7). After that Jakub Jokl managed to score their first point. But Brno was not able to make a shot the whole first period. Their primal plan on offense was to play through a center but when they passed the ball outside the arc we did not score. First period ended 7:18. Klosterneuburg opened a period again, and Brno still had no luck. The Czech side kept receiving easy baskets and did not play well on defense. Even though they scored more points than before, Brno were not able to overcome a ten-point deficit. The first time they did was a few seconds before halftime. The score was 25:34.

The visitors again opened a quarter with a made basket. The match looked the same as it did from the beginning. Klosterneuburg raised their lead a bit but Brno managed to cut it a little bit bwfore the final quarter starts with a 45:57-score. Somehow, Brno came to life in the last quarter. Viktor Vašát boosted his team with seven consecutive points and Radek Farský continued the dominance with a three-pointer. Suddenly, Klosterneuburg was unable to score. Brno started an avalanche as they outplayed Austrians 17-4 in just four minutes and managed to take the first lead in the game. Home players did not keep up with the pace before the end of the match. But we executed in the final seconds and won under a leadership from Reginald Keely.

Dejan Jakara, head coach of Egoé Basket Brno: “Like the coach said, they played a very good first half and especially first quarter. We do not usually play like this at the start, but I gave minutes to some guys that do not get that many minutes normally. So, I think that they will have to be more responsible in this scenario. Anyway, it was a good fight for them and for us as well. They have some similarities with Děčín so we try to use that in our advantage, for example switching in defence. We were not quite successful but in the end we closed the game with a great stretch and with a little bit of luck we won.”

Damir Zeleznik, assistant coach of BK Klosterneuburg Dukes: “I think that it was a very close game, a very good fight from both teams. I think that we played a really good first quarter where we controlled the pace and played a good defence. Second half, and especially the last quarter, was really disappointing. That cost us the game down the stretch.”