Blow-out revenge for Levice

Blow-out revenge for Levice

After losing the first match-up in Decin, BK Levicki Patrioti fought back at home – and cruised past their Czech rivals with an 95:67-victory.

BK Levickí Patrioti – BK ARMEX Děčín
95:67 (20:20, 18:15, 27:15, 30:17)

Referees: Ženiš, Margala, Lamoš (all Slovakia).
Audience: 600.
Venue: Športová hala Levice.

Scorers Levice: Gačeša 19, Alexander 16, Davis 16, Bojanovský 15, Katura 11, Štefek 6, Žiak 5, Tomič 4, Krajčovič 3.
Scorers Děčín: Kroutil 11, Ježek 11, Autrey 7, Šiška 7, Feštr 7, Carlson 5, Pomikálek 5, Krakovič 4, Grunt 4, Landa 4, Žikla 2.

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Like in the first match, Děčín started better, almost immediately they were leading 5:0. Autrey was very productive, but the home team also got their jumstarting duo in Bojanovský and Katura. It was a very attractive and offensive basketball game for the spectators. Levice started erasing the deficit, after first quarter the score was equal – 20:20. First period was in Děčín’s hands, the second was dominated by Levice. They got into the lead, but the Czech opponent was still in the hunt. After first half it was 38:35 for home team.

The third quarter was crucial, Patrioti started this sequence with a 7:0-run and in 23th minute they were leading first time in the match by double digits – 45:35. Děčín started struggling, but Feštr was leading the team to come back within five points – 48:53. But Štefek and Alexander made the deciding step, with huge energy from the crowd Levice took over the control over the match. The score before last ten minutes was 65:50 for the home team. Děčín did not find any solution against the Slovakian defense, so Levice managed to enjoy the easy win. The second Czechoslovak battle was for Levice, they took revanche and won over Děčín 95:67.

Teo Hojč, coach of Levice: “This was a good team performance, which resulted into 30 assists. We forced Děčín to 17 turnovers, we had good shooting percentage for 3 points because of our team play. We managed to pass the ball very well, we were unselfish. From that we got open shots, which were successful. We are on a mission to represent Slovak league for some time now. And once again we showed, that our league is not weak. We played against a good Czech team, which was in finals of their championship. I am satisfied with the performance of my guys.”

Steven Davis, player of Levice: “It was a good match, a hard fought win. The coach told us to play good defense and collect the rebounds, which we did. After all it went well.”

Pavel Budínský, coach of Děčín: “I think we started the game pretty good, we were quick and played as a team. We managed to create good shooting positions, I think till seventh minute we looked very good. I was satisfied with offense and defense. But becauso of different reasons we started to lose one on one battles, we did not defend some systemss, but after all first quarter ended 20:20. In the second quarter it was up and down, we were losing just by three and I did not look as a blow-out. For second half I am personally ashamed, we were not ourselves. They gave us 57 points, which felt like a cold shower for us. We are going home with a big loss, for us it´s a harsh experience.”

Ondřej Šiška, player of Děčín: “That’s a big disappointment, we knew about the qualities of our opponent, they are defending champions and finalist of Alpe Adria Cup. After our home win over them we could be in advantage in self-confidence. First half we played good, as a team, but in the second half we did not play like we wanted to. The opponent punished us for our mistakes. That was deciding, our efficiency in offense, where we did not score easy shots. That resulted also in defense, where we made bad decisions and we gave our opponents a couple of easy baskets.”