Battle of newcomers for Kolín

Battle of newcomers for Kolín

BC GEOSAN Kolín – Kapfenberg Bulls 91:68 (25:21, 21:26, 24:11, 21:0)

Referees: Mordal, Skorek, Kuzia (all Poland)

Attendance: 601

Venue: GEOSAN arena

Scorers – Kolín: Petráš 19, Číž 18, Lošonský 13, Novotný 12, Mareš 10, Autrey 9, Šiška 5, Jelínek 3, Novák 2, Dlugoš, Křivánek, Merta 0

Scorers – Kapfenberg: Greene 14, Adamu 12, Latkovic 10, Carter and Krstič each 9, Zapf 8, Podany and Votsch each 3, Okoro 0

Kolín start the game pretty bad and Kapfenberg lead 0:5, after that team start to play better in offense and score few easy points from fast break, first quarter was nice battle and after 10 minutes home team leads by 4 points 25:21. Second quarter started much better, Kapfenberg and they gained the lead, after 20 minutes by 1 point 46:47.

Second half starts well for Kolín, but after few turnovers game was tied 55:55 7 minutes till the end of 3rd quarter. From this moment Kolín start dominated on the floor, scoring run 15:0 makes them comfortable lead and after 30 minutes they lead by 12 points 70:58. Fourth quarter starts better Kapfenberg and Kolín lead just by 10 points, but after that Kolín score three 3pts shots and finish the game strong.

Post-game quotes:

Adam Konvalinka, head coach of Kolín: “Great game for us, historicaly first game in european competition for our club, so we are glad we did it. The second half was much better for us and that’s the reason why we won. We start to play great, team defense and score a few easy points from transition and 3pt range. If we will be able to continue like we were playing the second half of the game, we can think about a good season at all competitions what we play.“

Filip Novotný, player of Kolín: “We know and expect pretty hard game, we didnt know a lot about our oponent, so maby thats the reason why we didnt play well first half, but we start to play much better in second half, specially at defense and we can celebrate first win after all.“

Michael Schrittwieser, head coach of Kapfenberg: “Very good first half for our young team, I´m pretty satisfied with how we were playing the first half. Then in the second half we really couldn’t control our offense any more, we have few turnovers also and good win for Kolín.“

Rathen Carter, player of Kapfenberg: “In three quarters that was pretty tied game. After that home team start to played pretty well, in the offense Kolín player n. 1 Číž, really good shooter, start to made his shots and that’s the reason why Kolín won today’s game.“