Alpe Adria Cup – the show goes on!

Alpe Adria Cup – the show goes on!

Alpe Adria Cup was interrupted because of Corona crisis after the semifinals in March 2020. In the past years there were four champions – Helios Domzale (SLO), Slovakia’s Rieker Komarno, another slovenian team Zlatorog Lasko and Egis Kormend from Hungary in 2019, who is still reigning champion. Anyway, the 2020 winner is still in the game.

Finals 2020

Before the crisis stopped most of the international sports competitions, two Czech teams reached the Finals 2020 – and both are willing to finish this year’s AAC competition in September. BK ARMEX Decin who was the first Czech team in AAC in 2016, made it to the last step for the first time, after winning against Gmunden (AUT). A BK JIP Pardubice was participating for the first time this season, and made it straight to finals, after beating BC Hallmann Vienna in two semifinal thrillers.

After a few weeks in quarantine and some discussions both Czech representatives started to plan the Finals in case the situation allows it. Now, since national competitions are planned to start in usual manners, the AAC Finals 2020 seems to be optimistic to get reality in September. Concrete dates and all the other details will be announced soon.

New Board

After founding and leading AAC for five years, Gerald Martens is moving to the position of honorable president. The Austrian businessman was elected president of the Austrian basketball federation. Staying in close contact with the new Board members and support the development in the future. Johannes Wiesmann, CEO of the Austrian Basketball Superliga who was the main engine of AAC this past years, is becoming new Director of the competition.

Two other members of AAC were named to the Board as new energy and close connection to other countries: Marek Imre from Levice, Slovakia and Jakub Dura from Decin, Czech Republic, who already prepared shared a lot of knowledge to develop AAC based on their club’s experience.

Changes for upcoming 2020/21 season

The new Board members are about to move Alpe Adria Cup to the next level in certain issues. Interesting Club Brands from involved countries are negotiating their participation for the upcoming season, as many of them want to play international games which are easier to afford than FIBA competitions – especially in times like this. As the competition grew during its five-year history, clubs from 7 countries  took part this past season.

The new Board’s goal is to upgrade the level ofAAC as a marketing product, which is covering seven countriesin the central European region (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia). For the first time in history of AAC prize money will be awarded – not only for the champions, but also for the other finalist and both semifinalists.

The new executive director Johannes Wiesmann says: „This current situation is very hard for each and everyone of us. International sports is brutally effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why I’m very happy that, due to this circumstances, there is a commitment to not only continue but to develop Alpe Adria Cup in the future. This competition has a unique spirit and I’m sure we can make the next steps this upcoming season.“