Vienna stays perfect

BC HALLMANN VIENNA – KK Zlatorog Lasko 90:83 (26:16, 46:39, 69:61)

Referees: Kratschmer, Trmal, Salomon (all AUT).
Audience: 250.
Venue: Hallmann Dome, Vienn (AUT)

Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Hubalek 38, Detrick 25, Dowell 12, Pierce 8, Gvozden 5, Stazic 2.
Scorers KK Zlatorog Lasko: Lapornik 28, Vodiskar 16, Durnik, 14, Baric 11, Kusovac 7, Miljkovic 6, Polutak 1.

FIBA Statistics

BC Hallmann started strong in the game and Jiri Hublek showed why he is number 2 in scoreing. He scored the first 6 points for the team from Vienna. Lasko tried to find his luck in shootimg 3 point shots. Fast Hallmann get a 9 Point lead.

Lasko started the second quarter better and came up to 5 points. In the second quarter the game became more intense. Both teams started to play defense harder. The team from Laska could control the Topscorers of the Helios Alpe Adria Cup very good. At the end of the second quarter Hubalek started scoring again and ended the first half with 22 points.

In the third quarter Lasko started with a lack of concentration and made two flagrant fouls and again Hubalek scored and scored. From the middle of the quarter the team of Lasko came back very good and came back to 4 points.

In the fourth quarter both teams started high concentrated in defense. In the last quarter both teams showed why they are unbeaten until this game. Good defense on both sides, spectacular moves in the offense, but at the end Vienna had the better day.

Luigi Gresta, head coach BC Hallmann Vienna: “We won against a very good team and are now on the top of our group. We never lost our concentration and our intensity.”

Jiri Hubalek, player BC Hallmann Vienna: “We are getting better every day! It was a great game for me and I am very happy that we win this as a team.”

Ales Pipan, head coach KK Lasko: “Congratulation for the victory to Vienna.”

Nejc Baric, player KK Lasko: “We played a bad defense, missed some open shots and give them to many opportunities to get the offensive rebound.”