Venue: Sports hall

Sports hall Šenčur was built at the turn of the third millennium and nowadays it’s still homeplace of the basketball club Šenčur Gorenjska gradbena družba. This is the place where Šenčur started a rising up path from third league to a first Slovenian league. All the best Slovenian basketball teams will attend at Šenčur sports hall, like teams participating in Helios Adria Cup and special feeling was when Slovenian national team hosting in Šenčur. Sports hall Šenčur offers incredible conditions for all players of basketball club Šenčur GGD. The hall is multifunctional and content also primary school activities, other sports practices and offer tribune for 1500 spectators.

Home Team: KK Sencur GGD
Address: Pipanova street 45, 4208 Sencur, Slovenia