Venue: Körmend Sports Hall

The matches of Egis Körmend basketball club are held in Körmend sports hall. The seating capacity of the sports hall is one thousand and there another thousand standing spots.

According to the first plans, the hall had been built initially as a gymnasium for the neighbouring primary school in 1975. After Körmend basketball team won the NB II league (English: National Championship, abbreviated NB in Hungarian) in the same year and got into the NB I, which is the top league in Hungary, the building was extended in order to serve as the home court for the basketball club.

At that time there was only a small upper circle and a grand-stand on the side. The building underwent several reconstructions during the decades. The construction of a swimming-pool attached directly to the sports hall resulted in plenty of additional standing spots above the swimming-pool. In 2014, at the latest extension, the basic area of the sports hall was enlarged and the building was improved.

The sports hall hosts different social events but the basketball matches are the most popular from all of them. Teams usually play in front of a full house.

Home team: Egis Körmend Körmend
Address: 36 Kossuth Lajos street, Körmend 9900, Hungary