Zlatorog Laško

Logo-Zlatorog-Lasko2Official name: KK Zlatorog Laško
Established: 1969
Address: Poženelova 22, 3270 Laško, Slovenia
Home Venue: Sportna dvorana Tri lilije

The club was established in 1969. During the initial years the club was competing under the name KK Laško. In 1972 they changed to KK Zlatorog Laško. In 1994, the club got name KK Pivovarna Laško. A year before that the town Laško started the construction of a new modern sports hall which prompted rapid expansion of basketball in the town. The management also renewed the playing potential of the club, and in the season 1995–96, after two years of competing in the 1B Division the long lasting dream came true: the Club qualified to the Premier A Slovenian League. The very first season in the league was concluded in the incredible 3rd place which qualified the club for the European Cup competition. In the season 1997–98 the club repeated Premier A Slovenian League its ranking in the National Championship, and qualified in the National Cup Finals. The season 1998–99 was by all means the most successful one so far. On the domestic scene the club completely matched the potential of the leading domestic club who was already well established in the European competitions, and qualified for both the Playoff and the Cup finals.


Current list of Players: coming soon.

Head coach:
 Aleš Pipan
Assistant coach: Gregor Balek
Fitness coach: Pavli Ojsteršek
Physio: Luka Mirnik
Technical: Zdenko Lipovšek

List of Trophies:

Slovenian National cup winner: 2004
Slovenian National Championship Finalist: 1999, 2000, 2004
Slovenian Cup finalist: 1998 – 2000, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2015
Slovenian Super Cup: 2004, 2005