mmcité Brno

Official name: mmcité Brno
Established: 2013
Address: Kamenice 753/5, 625 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Home Venue: Ball Game Hall, Masaryk University

The history of basketball in Brno begun in 1926 and was mainly connected to a club called “Sokol Brno I.” Since then basketball clubs in Brno (with different names such as Sokol, Spartak or legendary Zbrojovka Brno) became champions of the Czech Republic many times, were in the European cup finals many times and grown numerous Czechoslovakian and Czech players that played for the national team. After 1990 new teams came to the National basketball league (NBL), the competitiveness rose and clubs started buying foreign players. Brno did not come back on top again and in 2008 even lost their opportunity to play the National basketball league for 5 years. In 2013 Brno came back to the NBL with mmcité+ Brno basketball club. This club hopes to bring back the success that is connected to basketball in Brno.

Last year the club decided to go back to the roots and moved to the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk University. There is a modern hall with bigger capacity and possibility of regeneration, rehabilitation, accommodation and boarding for players. This connection brings advantages for students as well. They can see and understand how this professional sport club works through their specialized school lessons.


Head Coach: Dejan Jakara
Assistant Coach: Martin Vanek
Fitness Coach: Jakub Kalus

General Manager: Filip Jimramovsky
Press Manager: Lenka Russnakova