KK Sencur GGD

Official name: KK Sencur GGD
Established: 1973
Address: Pipanova street 45, 4208 Sencur, Slovenia
Home Venue: Sports hall Sencur


Basketball club Šenčur Gorenjska Gradbena družba started it’s first activities at the end of the ’60 last century. More than 40 years of it’s history most increasing developement has been done under the leadership of native coach Martin Gorenec, who has lead first team as a teenager. He was the youngest Slovenian coach with licence.

At the turn of the third millennium in Šenčur was built modern sports hall, nowadays still homeplace of the basketball club Šenčur Gorenjska gradbena družba. This is the place where Šenčur started a rising up path from third league to a first Slovenian league. Refreshing a new season with only ten top Slovenian teams, Šenčur GGD will be the only team from Gorenjska region.

A breakthrough from second to first league began coach Igor Kešelj who’s work continue Ernest Novak and last season Gregor Vodenik. This season is a head coach Rade Mijanović who has learned a lot from Zmago Sagadin, the legendary Slovenian coach.

Head Coach: Rade Mjanovic
Assistand Coach: Luka Milakovic

Team Manager: Roman Horvat
General Manager: Bogdan Perdan