KK Rogaška

kkrogaskaOfficial name: KK Rogaška
Established: 1960
Address: Ulica Kozjanskega odreda 4, 3250 Rogaška Slatina
Home Venue: Športna dvorana Rogaška Slatina


Basketball club Rogaška has its roots in the sixties of the previous century and has experienced playing in the 2nd, the 3rd and the 1st Slovenian division. The club was brought to a higher level in the 90s when it played in the 1st division. In 1996 KK Rogaška, which was then named KK Rogaška Donat MG, played in Radivoj Korač cup.

Between the years 1998 and 2011 the club lacked stability so it played mainly in the second and third division with some attempts to return to the first division. In 2011 the club was renamed to KK Rogaška Crystal due to the 1-year contract with Steklarna Rogaška d.o.o. . In the same season KK Rogaška Crystal managed to return to Slovenian’s first division.

Turning point in the history of the club was the season 2014/15 when the finals were played. In the season 2015/16 KK Rogaška finished the regular season in the 1st place.

During the period of long history the club gained a lot of supporters in the municipality of Rogaška Slatina. The club’s fans are always great – win or lose, they’re always there to support and to motivate the team.


Current list of Players:

Tadej Ferme 187cm PG/SG
Miha Fon 193cm SG
Matic Grušovnik 199cm SF
Dejan Šakotić 196cm SG
Darwin Davis 183cm PG
Andraž Kavaš 209cm PF/C
Leon Šantelj 205cm PF/C
Dragan Djuranović 203cm PF
Taylor Johns 201cm PF
Luka Božak 183cm PG
Petar Vujačić 194cm PG/SG
Niko Volarić 188cm SG
Patrik Tabak 192cm PG

Head Coach: Damjan Novaković
Assistant Coach: Peter Markovinovič, Željko Jotić
Conditioning Coach: Igor Justin