Egis Körmend

Official name: Egis Körmend
Established: 1962
Venue Address: 36 Kossuth Lajos street, Körmend 9900, Hungary
Home Venue:  Körmend Sports Hall


Basketball in Körmend, a town in the west of Hungary, started five and a half decades ago. During these decades Körmend Basketball Team won three national trophies and seven Hungarian Cup trophies. There are many players and basketball professionals from Körmend in the Hungarian National Basketball team, who represent Hungary in international competitions. The club is very proud of a former head coach of the Hungarian National Basketball team, who also comes from Körmend. The number of players who have played in our team is over several hundred and many of them have been trained at our club.

Körmend has played more than one thousand matches in Hungary and in Europe supported by thousands of fans from Hungary and from all over the world. Basketball means belief, faith and strong commitment for its fans in Körmend.

Körmend Basketball Club was founded in 1962 (at that time its name was MTE) but the history and the affection for the game in Körmend go back much earlier in time. Our reputation is widespread both in Hungary and around Europe.

It took 13 years for our team to achieve the NB I (English: National Championship I, abbreviated NB I in Hungarian) level, which is the top league of the basketball in Hungary. The first NB I home match was held on 15 March 1976. Eleven years later, on 12 April 1987, Körmend defeated Budapest Honvéd, which was the most successful and strongest Hungarian team at that time with a lot of players from the Hungarian National Basketball team. In 1987 we did not just win our first National Trophy but we also broke the winning series of Budapest teams which had not happened before. Later our team’s success was followed by another two national gold medals, seven Hungarian Cup gold medals and several international cup successes.

Körmend Basketball Team has taken part in many international cup series, such as BEK (Bajnokcsapatok Európa Kupája; English: European Champion Clubs’ Cup), KEK (Kupagyőztesek Európa Kupája; English: European Cup Winners’ Cup), Koracs Cup, EuroCup, Saporta Cup and EuroChallenge. In the recent past Körmend has competed in the FIBA Europe Cup among the best 16 teams and now it also participates in the Alpe Adria Cup.

Körmend Basketball Team is the only team in Hungary that has been playing in the Hungarian top league since 1976. Since play-offs in the top league were introduced there have been only three times (in 2005, 2009 and 2015) when the team could not participate in the play-offs of the top eight teams.

Körmend is the only town in Hungary where twenty percent of the local inhabitants cheer during basketball matches in the sports hall. Going to a basketball match is not only a social event, it is also a commitment. The success of the club is extremely important to the people of Körmend and of the region. This is the reason why there is always a full house at the matches of Egis Körmend.


Head Coach: Gasper Potocnik
Assistant Coach: Ziga Mravljak
Assistant Coach: Tamas Hencsey
Team Manager: Daniel Zsebe