ece bulls Kapfenberg

bulls0Offical name: Basketballclub ece bulls Kapfenberg
Established: 1976
Adress of home venue: Karl-Heinrich-Waggerl-Weg 6, 8605 Kapfenberg
Home venue: Walfersamhalle

The club ece bulls has a long and eventful history. Founded in 1976 in Aflenz, Styria, the Club reached in 1991 Austria’s highest league. Since many games were played in the nearby city of Kapfenberg, the Club finally moved there in 1996. From this year on, the ece bulls played every season in the play offs. 2016/17 is the 26th season in the highest league – this is Austrian record! The youth teams have a major importance for the ece bulls. In close cooperation with Nachwuchsmodell Kapfenberg, 150 kids get taught in playing basketball. The success of this youth programme can also be seen in this year’s team. 12 players of the first team are former youth players. The club’s most successful years were from 2001 to 2004 with four championship titles in a row. In 2002 and 2004 also the Supercup has been won. The cup has been won in 2007 and 2014.

Current list of Players:

Kareem Jamar 194cm SG/SF
Bogic Vujosevic 190cm PG
Lukas Hahn 186cm PG/SG
Marvin Riedl 195cm SG/SF
Kushtrim Dvorani 185cm PG
Filip Krämer 202cm PF/SF
Ian Moschik 203cm PF
Milan Stegnjaic 204cm PF/C
Carl Baptiste 208cm  C
Tobias Schrittwieser 186cm PG
Marck Coffin 193cm SG
Armin Woschank 185cm SG

Head Coach: Michael Schrittwieser
Assistant Coach: Tatiana Gallova
Fitness Coach: Andreas Zand, David Habenicht
Equipment Manager: Christian Krenn

President: Heribert Krammer
CEO: Oliver Freund
Club Manager: Clemens Ludwar