bk_armexOffical name: BK ARMEX Decin
Established: 1945
Adress of home venue: Maroldova 2, 40501 Decin, Czech republic
Home venue: ARMEX Sportcentrum


The beginning of Decin basketball is far in the immediate period after World War 2. Inhabitants moved to Decin, near to german boarder, from midland of Czech country started to live usual way. Basketball was played in various places like Sokol gym, Hotel Praha’s hall, Strelnice hall, even in hall of Decin castle (!!!) and also in a hall of railway station Decin – východ building. First games in region were played in 1946 and first official competition started from 1947. Club’s name was changing during the time from Sokol, Spartak-Karna, Lokomotiva, BK ISD, BK SCE, BK till present BK ARMEX Decin, which is from season 2015/16.

As time went, basketball quality in Decin was growing. Also women team stepped up from regional competitions in the past… Men went from regional level to division in year 1958 and then later to the top Czechoslovakian league in 1974. New home place – Sportcentrum were built in 1981, where also next starts on highest level took place in seasons 1986/87 and 1988/89. In the year 1993, after Czech republic and Slovakia were divided, Decin stepped up to the top czech league – NBL, where the club have stayed all its history till these days.

Sportcentrum was rebuilt in 2004 to make the capacity higher on 1.200 spectators and hold the name ARMEX Sportcentrum from 2015. Decin fans are one of best in Czech league and during last years when the club makes history, they are getting even better. Biggest succes has come recently when Decin got to the league finals against Czech strongest team CEZ Nymburk (13 times champion in a row) and have set a new spectator record in final home game in 2015. There were 4.850 fans coming on the old ice-hockey stadium in Decin, where both final games (one in 2015 and other one in 2016) took place.


Current list of Players:

Tomáš Vyoral 190cm PG
Tomáš Pomikálek 200cm SF/PF
Tomáš Gavenda 186cm PG
Viktor Jezbera 187cm SG
Ondřej Šiška 190cm PG
Pavel Houška 206cm PF/C
Robert Landa 200cm PF
Filip Kroutil 191cm SG
Jakub Houška 207cm  C
Lukáš Bazant 198cm SF
Šimon Jezek 190cm SG
Jakub Krakovic 207cm C
Lukáš Ruzicka 198cm PF
Pavel Trbola 200cm PF
Michael Hartig 191cm SG

Head Coach: Pavel Budinsky
Athletic Coach: Vladimir Hojka
Physio Therapist: Kateřina Kramlova

President: Miroslav Chrastny
General Manager: Lukáš Houser
Sport Manager: Jakub Dura
Marketing Manager: Radka Freibergová
Account Manager: Alena Ingrisova