Sencurs victory not enough to be number one

ŠENČUR GGD – MMCITÉ+ BRNO 78: 73 (15:12, 37:37, 56:58)

Referees: Poljanšek, Kranjc, Mohorič (all SLO).
Audience: 150.
Venue: Sports hall, Šenčur (SLO).

Šenčur GGD: Rebec 22, Murić 17, Rizvić 13, Varagič 8, Blair and Pavič 6, Sajevic and Martinčič 3.
Brno: Barry 22, Mays 12, Lelič and Pumprla 10, Kereselidze and Primorac 7, Hrabovsky 5.

First quarter was pretty much classical warm up for match who brings first position after first phase of compettion Helios alpe adria cup. After ten minutes Šenčur made it close gap for three points (15:12). Šenčur started much better in the second quarter mostly because of great three point shooting (Varagič 2, Rebec 1, Martinčič 1). Leading 28:18 was a little bit of discouranging for Brno. But guests game rise up after time out. Minute and half before haltime Brno equalize (35:35). At the half time result was 37:37.

Brno took some great baskets and after three and hal minute home coach Rade Mijanović had to take time out. Lelič made a three point shoot for the biggest lead for Brno (44:52), less than minute after american shooting guard Mays increased the gap to a 10 point lead (44:54). Next minute was incredible played by home’s guard Jan Rebec who scored twice for a three point and Šenčur was closer (50:54). After third quarter Brno had two point lead (56:58)

Šenčur try to seek bigger lead, because in the frst game Slovenian team was being 16 points. A few minutes to go Rebec scored another three pointer and Šenčur got small advantage (65:62). Everything about game knowledge was on Šenčurs’s side, but guest players dissagreed. Barry scored for three and less than three minute to go Brno almost cought Šenčur (72:71). After a time out there was another response from Rebec who scored another three pointer for Šenčur’s advantage 75:71. In the last minute Brno had two ofense possession but they missed both of them. 16 second to go Sajevic score one free throw and Šenčur lead 76:73. Mladen Primorac fro guest team missed three pointer, but Ramo Rizvić scored two free throws and set the final result (78:73).

Rade MIjanović, coach Šenčur GGD: I’m satisfied with attitude and victory. We acomplished our main gooal, that was second quarterfinal in Helios alpe adria cup. Congratulations to Brno for first place in our group and for tonights fair game.

Jan Rebec, player of Šenčur GGD: We expected a tough game and we got it. That was egal game, but in key moments at the ed of the game we were a little bit more focused.

Dejan Jakara, coach of mmcite Brno: Very tough game indeed. We came directly to the game after six hours on the road and we missed our captain Tomanec. Anyway that was a pretty much solid game, even though that we did not prepare to the game, It’s very hard to play against Šenčur because they are dominant under rim. Congratulations home team for victory and wish them all the best, also at Slovenian cup final four.

Mladen Primorac, player of mmcite+ Brno: It was a good game. Šenčur deserve to win. Jan Rebec showed a amazing skils. At the end we failed because of lackness of energy. We came in to the game directly from Brno. In quarterfinal we will face Helios and it will be interesting game.