Praha makes it to the play-offs

USK PRAHA – BC Prievidza 107:49 (32:12, 55:23, 85:35)

Referees: Baloun Jan, Kučera Stanislav, Linhart Tomáš (all CZE).
Audience: 226.
Venue: Sportovní hala Folimanka, Praha (CZE).

USK Praha: Madsen 18, Sterba 16, Zikla 15, Krivanek 13, Mares 12, Sehnal 11, Tuma 10, Raines 8, Bookert 4.
BC Prievidza: Horvath 16, Mokran 15, Rozenberg 6, Magdolen 4, Hromada 3, Lukac 3, Pavol 2.

FIBA Statistics

It was “do or die” night – as USK Praha hosted BC Prievidza in the final regular season game of the season.

“The winner will make it to the quarterfinals and face BK ARMEX Děčín,“ sad head coach Chougaz to his his team before the game started and home team was ready for this moment. From the beginning of the game were owls leading. After first quarter was difference twenty points (32:12).

„We knew that Prievidza is comming with B team, but we tried to be focus for our tasks and do not underestimate them,“ said Mareš as a captain to press after first half of the game when score was 55:23. Second half was almost formality for winner confirmation. USK had easy job today and they are looking forward to play Děčín in quarterfinals.

Chris Chougaz, headcoach USK Praha: „It was a easy job. Prievidza did not bring the starters. We wanted to have a good test for a upcoming game on Wednesday league. I shared the playing time to all my players. Some of them need to play more. We are happy that we pased to the quarterfinals. We will do our best with next opponent.“

Michal Mareš, player USK Praha: „Hard to tell you something more about game like this. We are happy that we go to quarterfinals. Prievidza arrived with junior team so obviously we were more experience and physical.“

Helmecy Maros, head coach BC Prievidza: „We arrived here with junior team. We have difficult schedule in league. We want to fight for a good spot in a league so we bring juniors here to show up. They show that they have hard and they are brave. We played agains great players and I am really happy that we scored almost 50 points.“

Samuel Horvath, player BC Prievidza: „We played good if you compare us as junior team and them. We fighted and tried to reach our goals. We had few rebounds and we show that we tried.“