2-point win for BC Prievidza against Zlatorog Laško

Zlatorog Laško – BC Prievidza 78:80

Result: 78:80 (20:13, 17:27, 21:22, 20:18)
Venue: Športna dvorana Tri lilije (Laško, SLO)

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First half especially ¼ Zlatorog was better team, than Prievidza started to play. Both teams then exchanged – the Slovaks had better throw the game and better individuals. The second part of the game, the locals relent and allow guests to led most of the time. Soon Laško gathered and started to decrease difference and kept away from the guests what they ultimately failed, but it was a poor second to end the game not enough to come up with the victory after Vujasinoič the lead to three.

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Helios Suns is hosting Levicki Patrioti this Wednesday

Jakša Vulić je nov trener Helios Sunsev.   Levicki Pratrioti - Kvarner 8

It has been a long time since a Slovak team has played an official match in Domžale.

Do you want to see how Slovak basketball is closing the gap against the Slovenian?

Would you like to see recent enforcements, point guard Vuk Malidžan and new Suns coach Jakša Vulić in action, trying to bring their Suns to a higher level?

Are you interested in how Young Slovenian coach Teo Hojč (ex Grosuplje) is progressing in Levice?

Than join us at this exciting game this Wednesday at 19.00 in “Hala KC” or only if absolutely not possible, watch the live stream at below link:


BC Prievidza cruises to 40-point win vs. Klosterneuburg Dukes

Foto Credit: Pictorial / M.FilippovitsKlosterneuburg Dukes – BC Prievidza 62:102

Result: 62:102 (14:20, 22:18, 12:34, 14:30)
Venue: Happyland (Klosterneuburg, Austria)

Klosterneuburg Dukes: Rados 19, Cooke 17, Chappell 8, Müller 5, Lowe 5, Burgemeister 4, Bas 2, Vieider 2
BC Prievidza: Wisseh 27, Koerner 18, Stamenkovic 17, Maric 14, Batina 8, Jašš 6, Stanojevic 5, Rostampour 5, Vojek 2

FIBA Statistics Results – PDF

BC Prievidza started strong, but Klosterneuburg had a comeback in the second quarter with only two points behind at the half. After the halftime-break Prievidza took control of the game and didn’t give any chance to the Dukes to get back into the competition.

Watch the video of the game!

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Klosterneuburg Dukes won their first AAC game

Klosterneuburg Dukes – Zagreb 84:79

Result: 84 : 79 (21:19, 25:18, 14:22, 24:20)
Venue: Happyland (Klosterneuburg, Austria)

FIBA Statistics Results – PDF

Both teams gave chances to their young players but the home team still dominated the first half. In the third quarter KK Zagreb challenged the BK Dukes more and it was a thrilling match until the end. Finally, Klosterneuburg could celebrate their first victory in the Alpe Adria Cup 84:79.

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Levice defeated Kvarner after great team performance

Levicki Pratrioti - Kvarner 26Levickí Patrioti – Kvarner 2010 86:64

Result: 86 : 64 (20:24, 20:17, 27:9, 19:14)
Referees: Ženiš, Turčin, Margala
Audience: 1200
Venue: Športova hala (Levice, Slovakia)

Kvarner 2010: Marič 18, Bakovič and Veljačič each 9, Špralja 6, Štemberger 0 (Marinelli 11, Jambrovič 6, Kalpič 5, Vučič 0)
Levicki Patrioti: Markovič 17, Valentine 13, Kovačevič, Markovič and Žiak each 6 (Latinovič 20, Granger 11, Miljkovič 4, Klár 3, Drapák, Marchyn and Rozim each 0)

FT: 29/22 – 14/12
3-pointeers: 4 – 6
Fouls: 23 – 23

FIBA Statistics Results – PDF

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