Sixt Alpe Adria Cup Finalists known

After the first part of the Final Four tournament of Alpe Adria Cup, the finalists are known. In first semifinal game between BC Prievidza and Zlatorog Laško, the Slovenian team won. In the second game, home team Helios Domžale won towards Zagreb.

Tomorrow at 17.00 the game for the 3rd place between BC Prievidza and Zagreb will be played. At 19.30 the game between Helios Suns and Zlatorog Laško will give us the champion of 2015/16 Sixt Alpe Adria Cup.


2016-03-02 19:30:4202. 03. 201666 - 63
2016-03-02 17:00:5402. 03. 201673 - 94
2016-03-01 19:30:1101. 03. 201684 - 65
2016-03-01 17:00:5501. 03. 201680 - 89

Final Four: coach statements

Before today’s start of the Final Four 2015/16, coaches of three clubs gave their statements:

Aleš Pipan (coach Zlatorog Laško): »I expect that our players will react better than on the last games and play focused game and trying to win the cup.«

Miljan Čurović (coach Prievidza): »We traveled here very motivated to play two good games. We are very happy we reached this Final Four tournament. We have problems with injuries and illnesses. Several players didn’t play and practice long time but we believe we will represent our club and Slovak league in the best possible way.«

Jakša Vulić (coach Helios Suns): “Since we organize the Final Four, our major aim was to participate in it. I think that all four teams have the same chances. When you play the fall out game, everything is possible. We are playing towards Zagreb which showed that they are even more dominant than Kvarner, with whom we already had several strong battles in our group of Alpe Adria Cup. We will have to play hard. On the other side, we are just two games from the championship, so the motivation is unquestionable. We will do our best and what this brings, will be known soon.«

BC Priedvidza – the last Final Four finalist

Traiskirchen – BC Priedvidza 65:87

Result: 65:87 (8:22, 14:20, 24:22, 19:23)
Venue: Lions Dome (Traiskirchen, Austria)

Traiskirchen: Florian Trmal 16, Milovan Draskovic 15, Marko Kracun 9,  Benedikt Guttl 7, Terence Ayree 5, Fabricio Vay 5,  Martin Trmal 5, Benedikt Danek 3

BC Priedvidza: Marko Batina 32, Jaytornah Wisseh 22, Richard Korner 10, Jozef Vojtek 9, Svetozar Stamenkovic 6, Jakub Pasovsky 2, Mikel Rostampour 3,  Samuel Hupka 3

Results – PDF


From the beginning on, Traiskirchen had no chance against Prievidza. The slovakian team was very motivated, while the Lions were tired after playing four games in the last seven days. Prievidza moved the ball very well and found their open shooters one time after the other.

In second half Traiskirchen tried everything to come back into the game, but Prievidza was to good on this day. In the end Traiskichen lost 65:87, Prievidza moved on to the final four.



Helios Suns easily pass Klosteneuburg Dukes for the third Final Four spot

Helios Suns vs Klosterneuburg Dukes QF 1Helios Suns – Klosteneuburg Dukes 81:60

Result: 81:60 (25:16, 14:19, 27:7, 15:18)
Referees: K. Peic, T. Prpic, D. Marunica
Audience: 400
Venue: SD Trnsko (Zagreb, Croatia)

Helios Suns: Močnik Ju. 4 (10 assists), Čakarun 13, Močnik Ja. (6 assists), Andriuskevicius 13 (7 rebounds), Berlič 7, Korošec, Gorjanc 6, Zagorac 3, Atanacković 12 (5 rebounds), Lelić 7 (7 rebounds), Robertson 16 (5 rebounds)

Klosterneuburg Dukes: Baš 6, Topić, Cooke 16 (6 rebounds), Leydolf, Burgemeister 3, Radoš 17 (13 rebounds), Lowe 18 (5 rebounds), Soldo

FIBA Statistics Results – PDF


Zagreb from Croatia and both Slovenian teams, Zlatorog and Helios Suns, will fight for the first title of the Sixt Alpa Adria Cup champions next Tuesday and Wednesday in Domžale, with a fourth team being Prievidza from Slovakia or Austrian Traiskirchen Lions.

In the return game of the quarterfinals, the Helios Suns did not have too much work with the Dukes on their home court, although second and fourth period went strongly to the guests, who came to Domžale with just eight healthy players. But, the good energetic start of both halftimes was enough for the Suns, to get a comfortable win at the end with 81:60.

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