Not a single loss for Levice in group stage

BK Levickí Patrioti – Helios Suns Domžale 95:72 (18:20, 46:42, 68:59)

Referees: Tomašovič, Pipíška, Matejčík (all SVK).
Audience: 500.
Venue: Sportcentrum, Levice (SVK)

,Levice: Bachan 15, Sims and Djurič 14, Bojanovský 11, Kurbas and Vašl 9, Žiak 7, Krajčovič and Danielič 6, Adámik 4.
Domžale: Dumič 22, Besedič 18, Tajher 11, Oman 9, Rojč 7, Jogan and Leben 2, Rener 1.

FIBA Statistics

The home team had very good start into the match, after few moments they were leading 7:0 and in the 5th minute 14:5. But Domžale took time out and after that they got into 13:1 run. With that they turned the match on their side and after ten minutes the score was 20:18 for them. The second period was much more balanced, each team got into small lead. But Levice took over the match, first half they won 46:42. After the break, the scenario has almost repeated, Slovenian team managed to erase the lead. This time was Levice much more focused, which resulted into 68:59 score after three quarters. The crucial moments of the match came in the beginning, double digit lead for home team broke the spirit of away team. In the end, Levickí Patrioti got easy win 95:72 over Domžale.


Post-game interviews:

Teo Hojč, coach of Levice: “We finished the group stage without a loss, which is not a small thing for Slovak basketball. I think, that our league is not so bad, as people talk about it. I am happy, that everyone played and use their space properly. I am satisfied also with the team performance, we god 24 assists. The juniors also played, I wanted to stay them in rhythm. We now play good.”

Martin Danielič, player of Levice: “First of all, I want to thank the coach for the minutes. I was two weeks sick, but I am getting in to. It is not ideal, but from my side, it was performance, for which I am not ashamed. In the match we were the better team as opponent. We showed that from first minutes, especially in second half we talked about, what we want to do and we showed that. I think it is a deserved win.”

Jovan Beader, coach of Domžale: “First of all, I want to congratulate Levice to a good match and to the win. We played without six players, the young guys got minutes. As for me, I am satisfied with their performance in the match.”

Božo Dumič, player of Domžale: “I want to congratulate Levice to the win. We came shorthanded, some players stayed in Slovenia. The faith of the group was done before the match, but in the match we gave everything we had. I think, it was a good match.”