Year 7, we are ready to roll!

Year 7, we are ready to roll!

After a successful restart of the Alpe Adria Cup, we crowned another new champion. Year 7 is ahead of us and we are ready for the most competitive season in AAC history so far.

Season 2021/2022 ended on a high note, first time was Final Four broadcasted live on television with studio, highlights and interviews. Jam-packed matches in Levice saw Patrioti win the AAC trophy for the first time. One of the founding teams of AAC will play next season, either Champions League or FIBA Europe Cup. But their replacements and newcomers guarantee even more quality games.

The board of the AAC is now finalizing all the important things heading into Year 7. In comparison to last season, the board of AAC has changed and now each National Federation is involved into running of the competition. Again, the fans will have the opportunity to see teams from many basketball countries. The interest to play AAC in 2022/2023 season came from Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. The AAC selected 16 teams for the regular season.

3 of 4 teams from last season’s Final Four are back – Vienna, Spišskí Rytieri and Pardubice. Also, we have 6 newcomers, from Czechia BC GEOSAN Kolín and BK REDSTONE Olomoucko, from Austria Oberwart Gunners, from Croatia KK Zabok and KK Furnir. First time we have a wild card team, from Romania SCM Ohma Timisoara. This is the first time in AAC history, that we will have a team from this country.

„We are happy for huge interest in participation in the seventh season of Alpe Adria Cup and we see that as a result of work to professionalize AAC and to push it to another level. First time we have the participants and draw of regular season closed in the middle of July. This is an important step for AAC to commercialize AAC brand, to sell broadcasting rights and to close a marketing partnership for this special basketball product. I would like to thank each representative of National federations; without them all of this wouldn’t be possible,“ said the director of AAC Marek Imre.

The Alpe Adria Cup made several changes heading into Year 7. The biggest one is main game day, which is set for Wednesday. 16 teams will start Regular season in four groups; the teams in first and second place in each group will advance to Quarterfinals. Again, the 7th year of the AAC will finish with Final Four.

The Alpe Adria Cup 2022/2023 season is scheduled to start on 22th of September 2022 with opening event, Finals are set on 16th of March 2023.

List of clubs and draw of Alpe Adria Cup 2022/2023 regular season: 

Group A: KK Furnir (Croatia), Oberwart Gunners (Austria), MKS Dabrowa Górnicza (Poland), BK KVIS Pardubice (Czechia)

Group B: GKK Šibenka (Croatia), BK REDSTONE Olomoucko (Czechia), KK Nutrisport Ilirija (Slovenia), BC GGMT Vienna (Austria)

Group C: BC GEOSAN Kolín (Czechia), BC Komárno (Slovakia), KK Adria Oil Škrljevo (Croatia), Kapfenberg Bulls* (Austria)

Group D: SCM Ohma Timisoara (Romania), KK Rogaška (Slovenia), KK Zabok (Croatia), Spišskí Rytieri (Slovakia)

* Kapfenberg Bulls will not play in case of their successful FIBA Europe Cup Group stage qualification and in that case, they will be substituted by another team.