We are ready! AAC Final Four 2023 powered by GGMT will be in Vienna!

We are ready! AAC Final Four 2023 powered by GGMT will be in Vienna!

The big finale of the 2022/2023 Alpe Adria Cup season is here! The 4 best teams will meet in one place to fight for a place in history. This year, the Hallmann Dome in Vienna will host the Final Four powered by GGMT.

The Alpe Adria Cup has definitely had its best and most interesting season. Already the regular season brought great performances and matches, the playoffs culminated with great quarter-final rematches. And now it’s time for the best of the best, out of 16 teams only 4 best are left, but only 1 can be the winner.

For the second time in the history of the Alpe Adria Cup, Vienna’s Hallmann Dome will witness a duel for the winner’s trophy. The first time was in 2018, when it provided neutral ground for Levice and Laško. Now, however, it will be mainly the home side BC GGMT Vienna that will be in action as they attempt to dominate the Final Four for the second time. “I am extremely proud that we can host the upcoming Alpe Adria Cup Final Four 2023 in Vienna. It is actually a dream coming true, because 13 years ago when me and my brother established Basketball Club Vienna, our ultimate goal was to win one day a international trophy for city of Vienna. Not many people believed that it will ever happen. Today we are only two games away from that dream and it can also happen that we could celebrate in our home arena in Vienna. I want to thank to Alpe Adria Cup for that huge opportunity and I am sure that we will make a great basketball event,“ said the general manager of BC GGMT Vienna Petar Stazić Štrbac.

One thing is certain, the Alpe Adria Cup will have a new winner again, no team has managed to win this competition for the second time, which only shows the balance and quality of this competition. For the second time Spišskí Rytieri will be among the best quartet, while BC Komárno and MKS Dabrowa Górnicza will make their debut at the Final Four. “We are delighted to organize this year’s Grande finale in Vienna, the home of AAC. Personally, I am very thankful to management of BC Vienna and Basketball Austria, who worked hard and made a very good plan and offer to organize this event in Austria. Moreover, very good news for our competition is that we have reached a partnership agreement for Final Four naming rights with GGMT, who will support this event strongly. This is a huge step forward for the growth of our competition. Let me wish good luck to all participating teams on their road to becoming the new AAC Champion,” stated Marek Imre, competition director of AAC.

In addition to the Vienna club, the GGMT company will also have the patronage of the whole event. “We are very proud and happy to host the upcoming Alpe Adria Cup Final Four 2023 in Vienna. It makes us as a company also very proud to be a partner of Alpe Adria Cup and at the same time of first international basketball Final four tournament in Vienna. It will be a beautiful event and we will make everything possible so that each team feels as comfortable as possible over those two days,“ stated COO of GGMT Helmut Kaltenegger.

What will we bring you in the coming days? Information on where and how you will be able to watch the matches of the Final Alpe Adria Cup 2023 powered by GGMT. In addition, we will give you a closer look at each team that will be visiting the Austrian capital.

The schedule of Final Four Alpe Adria Cup 2023 powered by GGMT (Vienna/Austria):

15th of March – semifinals

16.30 h: BC Komárno – MKS Dabrowa Górnicza

19.00 h: BC GGMT Vienna – Spišskí Rytieri

16th of March18.00 h finals